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is your website attractive?

Your website is everything to your company, it is the front door of your business, it is the first thing people see when searching for your product or service on a search engine. If your website is not attractive, it will cost you that customer.

What does it mean to have an attractive website? An attractive website is one that represents your company in a professional way, it says, "hey, we are a professional and a respectable business that you can entrust to serve you in the best manner possible". Your website has to be beautiful, it has to be a work of art, if it is not, then you will not only turn consumers away, but you will drive them to your competitors. Just think how many customers or clients you have lost because of your website being below average.

Look at these two different websites examples. Which one would you do business with, or call, first?

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Bad Website Designs - Picture 1.png

(Site No Longer Active)

get a new website that drives results.


Our website design program will help you build a new website from scratch, or update a current one to better represent your company in a professional and attractive manner.

When it comes to attracting new online customers, you will need to have a website that pulls them in where they want to reach out to you. If you can do that, your chances of obtaining that consumer as a customer increases by 50%.

In 2019, only 64% of small business owners and medium-sized business owners registered having a website, that is between half and 3/4 of the small to medium business owners and entrepreneur population. How well do you think the other 36% of business owners are doing without an online source of traffic delivering new online customers?

It being the 21st century, technology has peaked to a whole new level. Everyone is on smartphones, tablets and laptops; a desktop website will only cover the laptop and desktop communities, leaving you with only 15% of the total population in your consumer group.

Not only do you need a respectable and professional desktop website, but you need to have a mobile website as well. This is not only great for attracting consumers from social media or other social platforms, but to widen your horizon on providing a larger informative delivery system for your company brand.

In 2019, only 58% of small business owners registered having a mobile website compatible with smartphones and tablets. Do not be one of these companies that become surpassed.


website management

We do not only create or update your website, but we manage it as well. We conduct analysis runs and various updates to both your desktop and mobile websites. We do daily updates of informative content, weekly updates of commercial content, monthly updates of descriptive content, and yearly updates to legal content. This keeps your website fresh and up to date with your competitors as well as increasing your popularity on search engine servers, which is good for your S.E.O. and your online campaigns.

Did you know it only takes a person three seconds to determine if they want to do business with you based on the composition of your website? Most people do not make it past the first page if they do not like your website design. That is why we provide weekly analytical data when we create your website, to show you how many people have viewed your website, how long they stayed on your site, how they found your site, and what pages they looked at for how long.


advanced designs

Our understanding of various psychology subject areas allow us to develop advanced designs that have proven to attract consumers based on the industry they are shopping in.

We have studied and analyzed various industries and have worked with countless more, each time analyzing how that particular industry's consumer group behaved in accordance to the design they were viewing. Each time a consumer viewed a website, they were pulled in and wanted to see more.

Based off company studies done with our advanced web designs, and other company designs, results have shown that our advanced designs have a 30% more interactive rate than other websites constructed for the same industry.

how it works

Our advancements in website designs come from our understanding of anthropology, psychology, industrial science and social science. Each person has something that interests them, it could be a subject matter, a color, a image, a word phrase, etc. Our job is to find out what your consumers are interested in seeing to attract them to your company.

Now, it is difficult to determine what each individual person is interested in, so it is easier to determine what is interesting about your industry, what is interesting about your product or service, and what appeals to the industries consumer group in search of that product or service. After we determine these, we will analyze your specific company and configure a design campaign based off what is most appealing about your company in general, and how it can accord with your industry appeal.

A small example; depending on your company and your industry, most websites are best to be directive and instructive or well guided, but some industries have a specific consumer group that is looking for more advancements in the overlying construction of the website itself to acquire additional information about the company and the company composition. What these people look for are small tells from your website that will describe you in minor detail, for instance; is the website professional? is it professionally constructed, or is it self made? what patterns appear? Is the website more informative or is it more visual? Knowing these results will tell the person if they want to do business with you because this information tells if you are cheap, do you care about you clients or consumer group? It tells if you are a large or small company, and it can tell if you are professional or not.

Most companies do not have to worry about this, but some do, but either way, you want to know how to intrigue your consumers, you want to know how to attract them and ensure they choose you over the last website they viewed.

our client websites

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

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Charleston Pool & Spa

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Start Auto Electric

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212 Mini Mall

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Goldmark Realtors

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Pacific Outdoor Living

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