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Human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion, and knowledge.


the wisest know nothing

Greek philosopher Socrates one said, "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing". This famous quote is by far my favorite quote because it is very true. A wise man does not assume he is intelligent or highly knowledgeable of any or all things, he assumes he knows nothing and stays in pursuit of more knowledge.

You can never obtain too much knowledge, the more you obtain the better. Knowledge is what progresses us forward, it is what allows us to become specialists and experts in our fields of profession.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner requires many subjects of knowledge, you must have proper knowledge in many of these fields to truly be successful. The more subject areas you familiarize yourself with, the better you will be as a business owner. For example, I am an expert in the marketing industry and have studied marketing for over 10 years, but still to this day I continue to learn, research and study various aspects of marketing and many other fields of study.

This is why time is so important, the more time you can accumulate, the more knowledge you can obtain. I have had many mentors and teachers over the years, but one said something to me six years ago that I always keep in mind. He said, "In combatence with time and money, time is always more precious than money; you can always make more money, but you can never make more time".

If you use your time wisely, you can obtain mass amounts of more knowledge which you can then use to make you more money.

training courses

Expand your knowledge base regarding various subject areas affiliated with business in general. We here at Atlantian Designs have developed multiple training courses, spanning from sales training to psychology training and more, to help you progress further with your company.

Below you will find various training courses that will help you excel in that specific area in which you wish to progress in. Each course is taught by the owner Jacob Kelly and/or an expert in that field of study. Each course provides a wide range of consumption options; each one offers various methods of delivery depending on your schedule, how many courses you are wanting to excel in, and other key factors that may come into play like time, number of trainees and more.

Each course is private and specified for only you and your employees, or anyone else you choose to attend the training program. You do not have to worry about attending a group training course of various business owners or students, unless you choose so.

sales training

Learn all aspects and understanding that make up the art and science of sales. Learn to sale as a professional and highly respected business owner, instead of sounding or being treated as a sales person.


the art of sales

There is a special art to sales and the way you approach a sale. We will train you on this and show you how to efficiently and effectively utilize this knowledge to better improve your sales rate. Learn about the art of sales and the personal characteristics that you can include when selling to a prospect, as well as how certain passions and some excitement can be emphasized to better interest your prospects and help keep them focused on the benefits of what you are selling.

the science of sales

Just like the art of a sale, there is also a science to it as well. We will help you better understand the science of sales and train you on how to utilize it professionally. We will teach you the various strategies and tactics that have been scientifically proven to better appeal to your prospects and the consumers in your consumer group. We will also teach you statistics of certain sales as well as the science and statistics of the consumer you are conversing with and weather or not your approach is proper.

customer types

There are multiple customer types in each consumer group, each type have different strategies and tactics associated with how they handle sales. We will teach you these different strategies and tactics as well as help you better understand when to use these strategies and tactics with their corresponding consumer type. For example, you have what we call a "commodity consumer" who buys based on price, there is the "emotional consumer" who buys based on emotional value, then you have your regular consumer who buys based on value in general, and many more. Our goal here is to train you to recognize these different consumer types and teach you how to approach each individual type in a progressive, professional, and respectful manner.

cold calling

Many people have a strong belief that cold calling is dead and is a prehistoric way of sales, this can not be any further from the truth. This is for two reasons; one: since so many people believe this, that is less traffic between you and a potential customer, two: cold calling is not what most people believe it to be. When people think of cold calling, most see a 1970's salesman at your door with a Kirby vacuum, or a questionable used car dealer, that is because this is how they were taught to view sales representatives in general. The goal of this training procedure is to show you and train you on how to properly approach a cold call and how to turn it more into a warm call. We teach you how to call various types of people, how to recognize them as their consumer type, and how to appeal to a prospects social personality. A hint of advice, a good sales person does not use the cold call as a selling tactic, they use it as a selling strategy, meaning they do not use the first cold call as a selling point, rather they use it as an introduction point and a way to build interest for the sale.

closing the sale

Closing a sale is an art and a science all of its' own. We teach you to recognize closing signals and when to go for a close. We will also teach you how to approach a closing sale, how to smoothly transition from a sales point of view to a closing point of view without creating a noticeable action or an awkward reaction, and we train you to set up the close in various steps through the selling process to help the transition period. Our goal of this training procedure is to help you close a sale without being demanding, without ruining the sale or wasting time, and to approach it in a manner that leaves the consumer feeling as if he bought a product or service instead of being sold a product or service.

handling objections

No matter how good of a sales person you are, you will always encounter objections. What this training procedure does is it teaches you to overcome various objections and prevents you or the sale from being stopped by an unreasonable objection. We teach you all the best rebuttals for various objections and how to be prepared for an objection, we show you how to revert the objection completely and how to address it so it is no longer an issue, and we teach you to professional when handling these rejections so you appear as the expert you are and not as a novice. A hint of advice when dealing with one of the most popular objections in sales, price is rarely the issue, the consumer just has yet to see the value of what you are selling, which we will teach you how to utilize and provide value in your sales.

And Much More...

the difference between sales and marketing

Sales is the tactics and the activities that take place when selling products and/or services; marketing is the process and a strategy used to interest consumers and grow awareness of a product or service being sold.

communications training

Communications play a big part in any business cycle, weather it be towards consumers, other businesses, or towards inner office relations. Our communications training program helps you communicate in a more strategic, professional and efficient manner in regards to all these areas and more.


strategic and professional communications

Learn how to communicate properly with people in a sophisticated, professional and engaging manner. Communications are key when it comes to many aspects involving with, or revolving around business, many areas depend on high quality communication or the area in regards could fail. Many of these aspects include sales, marketing, business growth, production, staffing, and many more.


This training program teaches you to communicate with, and communicate towards, various groups of people in many different fashions. We want you to sound as professional as you are, be heard in a respectful manner, and be held in high regards when communicating.

Communications is more than just speaking to a person, communications are also included in advertisements and promotions, business letter or memos, and much more. Our goal is to ensure your audience receives a reassuring communication so they can feel more interested, engaged and more assured when dealing with you or your company in a consumer, business, or personal manner.

business to consumer

When communicating to a consumer, or towards a consumer you do not want to communicate in a way you would with a business associate, you want to communicate with them on their level, a level they will better understand. This training procedure will help you understand more about your consumer and how to communicate with them in a professional, efficient, and effective manner.

business to business

Many companies deal with various types of other businesses when it comes to sales, like business to business marketing. What this training procedure does is it helps you better understand the businesses you currently associate with and helps you communicate with them and, other businesses, in a more effective manner.

employer to employee

We have seen in many of our own clients that many business owners have a difficult time communicating with their employees, or their employees have a difficult time communicating with the business owner or leader of the company. Many issues regarding staff stem from this one concept, you should always be involved with your staff on a professional level to ensure they are happy, and that productivity is progressing without issue. This training procedure helps ensure this concept and helps you and your employees communicate on a healthier and more professional basis.

inner office communications

Inner office communications correlates with employer to employee communications but differs slightly. This training procedure helps you keep a better involvement in your companies progress and productivity as well as helping you stay notified when any issues emerge, stemming from employees or any other inner office workings.

sales communications

Sales communications training is included in both the communications training program and the sales training program. What sales communication training does is it helps you understand what words to use and when while understanding which context is best used for different situations. For example, many sales representatives want to sound professional so they use big sophisticated words that usually correspond with their work profession, this is not a good tactic to use. This tactic confuses the prospect you are communicating with, and a confused prospect will rarely buy. This training procedure also teaches you to use different versions of sales tactics when communicating non-verbally with a consumer, such as emails, letters, flyers, and more.

body language

Reading body language will help you make more sales and help improve in many aspects in your business relationships. This is because it is very common for people to say one thing while feeling something different, or it is common for people to have trouble expressing verbally what their concerns are. While people struggle to communicate properly or efficiently, body language does not lie, you can tell what people are feeling and even thinking based off their body movements; this is called Kinesiology, the study of body movements. The purpose of this training procedure is to ensure you never lose a sale based off misinterpretation or bad communication, which happens fairly frequently among sales representatives or business owners. Learning how to read someone's body language and movements will ensure you are a proficient communicator and will help you close more sales or help you solve more business involved issues, when the person you are communicating with is not as proficient in communications as you are.

And Much More...

marketing training

Our marketing training program is designed to help you better communicate in promotional activities and help you appeal toward the more social side of consumers as to attract more customers through marketing procedures. This training program is available in two styles; the first is traditonal marketing practices, and the second is advanced marketing practices.

Our advanced marketing system can be complex for some and take longer to teach for some who are unwilling or unable to put that much energy into training, that is why we offer traditional marketing practices as well. Traditional marketing will help you be able to promote your company, products, and services progressively as needed.

The purpose of this training program is to help you stay independent in you own company so you will not have to rely on outside help, in regards to marketing, to promote your business efficiently or effectively.


social media

Learn how to attract customers to your business, products, and services using social media. What this training procedure does is it teaches you to become proficient in marketing, promoting and advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and more. It also teaches you how to utilize these platforms and others like YouTube and Snapchat to get better, more efficient results.

s.e.o. and s.e.m.

Learn the intricate workings of search engine marketing and search engine optimizations. This training platform teaches you to understand how a S.E.O. and S.E.M. work and how you can utilize them to produce higher results in your company sales performance. We train you on how to find, use, and implement search words and search phrases into your search engine optimization, and we teach you how to analyze these words or phrases so you can determine which ones are best for you based on their analytical performance. This training procedure will also teach you how to market on search engine platforms and how to increase the ranking of your website listing on their search result servers.


Learn how to use various types of consumer appealing content in your marketing to help attract your specific type of consumer group. Our content marketing training shows you which content is best to use in general, then shows you which content is best to use for your industry, company, products and/or services. We also train you on how to use certain types of content and when to use it, as well as teach you the different reasons or scenarios you would want to use them for.

public relations

Our public relations training platform teaches you to interact with your consumer group in a effective way as to attract more customers and increase your public image. We also teach you how to reflect a positive perception of your image in regards to your company, products, and/or services as well as your personal image too.

And Much More...

business training

Business training can be for any entrepreneur or business owner at any and all stages who are wanting to learn more in regards to their business, other business, starting new business, expanding their own business, and more. This training program is usually occupied with new entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting their career and businesses, or with entrepreneurs who are wanting to become business owners but want or need more training, but we do receive clients looking for business training who are veterans in their fields who want to learn more about their industry in a whole, who are wanting to expand their companies, and ones who are wanting to become multi-business owners. So this training program is for anyone who is wanting to obtain more knowledge in general.


business expansion

Our business expansion program teaches you to scale your business using various strategies, tactics, and simple to complex measures. The idea of this program is to help you take your business to the next level, up to the ultimate goal of being the leading provider in your companies industry.

This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs who already have an established business, but if you are a new entrepreneur, want to become a business owner, or you are a business owner who wants to create more companies and become a multi-business owner, then check out our business development program below.

business development

Our business development program is to help you learn how to build a new business, or add to the one you already have with new developments. This program teaches you the ins and outs of building a business from scratch, how to analyze strategic maneuvers, analyze which strategies are most effective, what you need to successfully open a new business on your first try, etc.

Our goal with this program is to help new entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their dreams of starting a successful business, or to help business owners and entrepreneurs build a sustainable source of income from multiple directions. If you are a business owner and own only one business, you may want consider this option. It is always wise to receive more than just one source of income.

And More...

master class

Train in all the above courses and more. The master class training program combines all training courses into one big training program so you can learn everything we provide and more. This training course includes all courses listed above, as well as advanced marketing training, branding, business concept, business and competitive analysis training, and more.

Call to learn more about our training programs and see which training courses are best for you.