Social Media Marketing

A New Day in Age

It is a great time to be a business owner, we live in a technical day in age where everyone has instant access to the internet and where everyone spends a great part of their free time on social media. There are over (x) different social media platforms already in existence, and many of them are not going anywhere anytime soon. These platforms are a great way to attract new customers and to help build your company image, as long as you know how to implement the correct tactics to do so.

We here at Atlantian Designs analyze, study, strategize, and specialize in social media marketing; working to bring you the best experiences and best results possible. Our team has successfully executed over a total of 1500 social media campaigns and continue adding more each day. When it comes to marketing across multiple social media platforms, we take it to a new level; covering over dozens of platforms and strategically maneuvering social posts, advertisements and more through carefully developed, and carefully executed, campaigns.

Weather you want advanced marketing, 360 marketing, or traditional social media marketing, we have you covered. Promoting and managing across all major social media platforms and more, we utilize every inch of social media coverage to enhance your presence and to bring you the best results possible. From attracting new customers, to sharing your company with the world, we are here to ensure the job gets done correctly, efficiently and is done effectively.

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Multi-Platform Coverage

There are hundreds of social media platforms throughout the world, which we can utilize all of them, but our main focus usually corresponds with the 8 major platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumbler. These are the main platforms that are most popular in the United States today, but there are more that we can market with like Reddit and Foursquare, etc.

Each platform has a key objective to utilize for driving traffic in a strategic manor. We use each of these platforms in a way that best drives results, for example; Twitter is best utilized with hashtags, it is a hashtag based platform, therefor we analyze the most effective hashtags for your company, products or services, and your situation, then apply them to our advanced social media marketing campaign. This in turn delivers you the best amount of traffic from your consumer group.

Social Media Presence

In order to properly use social media marketing, your social media presence has to be established and appealing. We strategize a campaign that is developed to grow your online presence across all major social media platforms and any that can be effectively utilized in correspondence with your company as well as your products and/or services. 

How we do this is, we first establish you a multi-platform presence across all major social media platforms and any others that correspond with your situation, then we analyze your company industry to locate your consumer group or groups. Afterwards, we strategize mulitple approaches that will effectively appeal to your consumer group and others who may or may not be in that specific group. When all is said and done, you will have a growing presence that is both appealing and rewarding.

Social Media Management

Running a company can be a hectic environment and can be very time consuming, having to manage your social media accounts and other marketing proceedings can be challenging, but you can not afford to fall behind in attracting more customers. This is why we manage everything for you, including all social platforms, groups or pages associated with your company.

With your agreement, we will take control of your social media management and strategically update it with posts, imagery advertisements, video/audio advertisements and more. Keeping your company's online presence progressing while you keep your company physically progressing forward.

When we strategize and develop your social media marketing campaign, we will include daily updates of up to 3+ postings a day or weekly updates of up to 15-20+ postings a week, which ever is best for your company and best for appealing to your consumer group. 

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When managing and marketing your social media platforms, we record all proceedings and all result based decisions to automatically, or manually, update your personalized analytical system that we develop upon the beginning of our advancements.

The personalized analytical system we develop for your company will tell us how well a certain area is doing in regards to progression. For social media marketing, we will apply the data collected from our proceedings on all social media platforms and see if the results are a progress from before, and by how much.

We update you on a regular basis with the analytical data collected, we can either provide you with weekly or monthly updates to keep you in the loop on how your company is doing in regards to social media marketing and progression.


Marketing on social media is more than just posting, updating, advertising and receiving a larger audience. In order to utilize social media for the highest quality of results, you must strategize an effective campaign to use each individual platform for its' greatest rewards. Knowing which social media platform preforms best under certain criteria is a must if you are wanting to make a difference in your company progression.

We specialize in strategy, strategy is key to winning, and marketing is just like chess. Figuring out when and where to preform a certain objective is what we specialize in, and we apply it to every aspect in our company, and yours; including social media marketing.

Our specialists have spent years perfecting strategies and maneuvers to implement into social media campaigns. Our greatest strength is the knowledge we have obtained over the years, in search of improving previous results. Applying that knowledge to our strategies now is what keeps us delivering more efficient results each and every time.

Combined with Advanced Marketing

Social media marketing is a versatile and cost effective strategy for small business owners to reach their industries consumer group. When applied to advanced marketing, it becomes a versatile strategy for even larger companies as well.

We have found that when implementing our advancements into social media marketing, from our advanced marketing system, we receive much higher quality results and a higher quantity of results as well. This is because instead of just posting, promoting or advertising to a specific group or everyone in general, and getting results that differentiate based on the industry and the industry's consumer group, we are able to promote, post and advertise to either a certain consumer group or everyone in general, as well as both at the same time, and receive stable results because we are able to determine what industry and products or services will thrive best by being viewed by a certain group, including everyone in general, and by determining what the group has in common in regards to what appeals to them all enough to spark interest.

This is done by analyzing and studying the industry, the company residing in that industry, the industries consumer groups, societal patterns and social science, with the social media platform in correspondence to the posting, promotion or advertisement in progress. After analyzing these subject areas, we apply the data to other known advancements in correspondence to advanced imagery, content management and strategic applications of the social platform presented.

Traditional social media marketing is efficient on its' own, but when applied with our advancements from our advanced marketing system, it becomes at least 30% more effective if not greater, depending on your company and industry.