advanced marketing

Take your company to the next level with advanced marketing. Using advanced proceedings and advanced strategies, advanced marketing will help you progress forward in a quick and efficient manner.


Advanced marketing is a one of a kind strategic process developed by Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems to produce on levels higher than traditional marketing, an upgraded version if you will. It was developed by Atlantian Designs owner Jacob Kelly, and it is designed to drive effective solutions and deliver advanced results using various advancements and unique strategies.

Being comprised of over 30 different advancements, it is the next generation of marketing. This advanced strategy of marketing consists of various subject areas including, but not limited to, psychology, sociology, societal patterns and pattern recognition, industry and business science, commercial science, statistical analysis, industrial analysis, cognitive response, nero science, and much more.

These advancements and subject areas combined form a unique ability to see, understand, and predict consumer behavior, business behavior, industry behavior and more. Think of it as in terms of predicting the future outcome with a high probability and progress rate, with this ability you are more capable of interpreting outcomes which in turn provides direct pathways to take in order to achieve success in those outcomes.

To learn more about advanced marketing and the proceedings that go into its' functionality, please visit our "Advanced Marketing" page or follow the button below.

360 marketing

360 marketing is a program designed to cover all your business needs, all the way from marketing to business development with everything in between. Our 360 marketing program was created as a one-stop-shop for business owners where they could receive all their proliferating needs in one place without the need of finding multiple companies and outside sources to successful scale their business.

With our 360 marketing program you will receive coverage in all areas including advanced marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing, S.E.O. & S.E.M., branding, web design, sales, communications, lead generation, business analysis, competitive analysis, analytic data, company scaling, strategy development, and more.

No matter what company you own, what industry you reside in, the size of your company or your products and services, 360 marketing can help take you and your company to the next level of success.

For more details, or to learn more about 360 marketing and what it covers, please visit our "360 Marketing" page or click on the button listed below.

over 35 Types of Marketing

Receive top of the line marketing with our strategic marketing tactics and advanced methodology. Below is a list of all the marketing options we offer. Depending on your needs will determine what strategies are best for you and your company, but there are multiple strategies for each existing industry out there! See below what we will help you achieve.

Focal Point Marketing - Focal point marketing is a marketing strategy developed by us here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems, it is the strategic process of conducting various procedures using various types of marketing to focus attention, or raise awareness, in a specific sector of what we are wanting seen. The idea is like a maze that the consumer travels through, and with each turn they take, they become more engaged, more intrigued, until finally ending in the point where we wanted them to go.

Inbound Marketing - Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization or SEO. 

Social Media Marketing - is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

S.E.O. - Search engine optimization is the process of increasing website traffic and awareness through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by means of strategic measures that is non-consistent with paid advertisements on search engines and focuses on traffic growth without the help of paid advertisements.

S.E.M. - Search engine marketing is a strategic marketing approach to increase website traffic and awareness through means of search engine advertisements and other means of paid advertisements.

B2B Marketing - B2B (business-to-business) marketing refers to any marketing strategy or content that is geared towards a business or organization.

Target Marketing - Target marketing is a strategic marketing approach that segments consumers into specific groups depending on their demands for certain products or services. Categorizing consumers into these groups allow for a higher target rate to increase views, sales, contact, and more.

Content Marketing - Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience.

Network Marketing - A marketing style developed to build groups , or a network, of individuals such as business owners, associates, clients, etc. that help contribute to lead generation and sales for you.

Geographic Marketing - to market products, solutions, brands and services to consumers or other producers locally, nationally, and internationally, as well as marketing to a defined target location or area.

Event Marketing - Event marketing is the process of marketing a specific event to gain attraction, spread awareness, and to deliver value to consumers, which in turn increases consumer traffic and sales rates through the event in market.

Ethical Marketing - Ethical marketing refers to the application of marketing ethics into the marketing process. Briefly, marketing ethics refers to the philosophical examination, from a moral standpoint, of particular marketing issues that are matters of moral judgment.

Visual Marketing - Visual marketing is the process of marketing with photos, videos, and other visual elements that attest to the value of your product or brand.

Direct Marketing - where we communicate directly to a preselected customer and supply a method for a direct response such as by phone, email or mail.

Internal Marketing - Internal marketing is a strategy used to better improve internal affairs between offices and affiliated company offices, such as improving employee and employer relationships, associate relationships and more.

Brand Marketing - Brand marketing is a strategy used to market your brand to the public, mainly focusing on your direct consumer group, to help build awareness and attraction toward your company and increase public perception.

Concept Marketing - Concept marketing is promoting your company's, industry's, product's, or service's concept and ideology to the public to increase public relations, awareness, and perception.

Cause Marketing - in which a company’s promotional campaign has the dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society.

Guerrilla Marketing - an action in marketing that leaves the customer or prospect surprised. 

Community Marketing - is a strategy to engage an audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect and customer conversation.

Cross Media Marketing - is a form of cross-promotion in which promotional companies commit to surpassing traditional advertisement techniques and decide to include extra appeals to the products they offer.

Green Marketing - is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.

Analytical Marketing - Analytical marketing is a marketing strategy developed by us here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems; compiled of various tactics, analytical marketing uses analytic data to improve perception of your company quality and qualifications. (Usually combined with B2B Marketing and sales to improve results.)

Affiliate Marketing - is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Shopper Marketing - is the process of understanding shoppers and using that understanding to develop a marketing mix which influences shopper behavior in such a way as to positively impact consumption of the brand and or category

GEO Marketing - In marketing, Geo-marketing is a discipline that uses Geo-location in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities.

Time Marketing - is the research of timing in releasing a new product to the market. Also, it is limiting time consumers have to purchase an item or service.

Promotional Marketing -  is the use of any special offer intended to raise a customer's interest and influence a purchase, and to make a particular product or company stand out among its competitors.

Diversity Marketing - (inclusive marketing, inclusion marketing, or in-culture marketing) is a marketing paradigm which sees marketing (and especially marketing communications) as a way to connect with the different individuals in the market.

Evangelism Marketing -  is an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing in which companies develop customers who believe so strongly in a particular product or service that they freely try to convince others to buy and use it.

Database Marketing - is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes.

Investor Marketing - Investor marketing is another marketing strategy developed by us here at Atlantian Designs, it uses various types of strategies and tactics to market to a specific group of producers and consumers categorized as investors to help attract investers for your company, products, or services. (Ideal for new businesses starting out.)

Sponsor Marketing - Sponsor marketing is another marketing strategy developed by us here at Atlantian Designs to attract sponsorship for a business, brand, product, or service. It uses various strategies and tactics to attract sponsors, or individuals associated with sponsors, to help bring awareness to ou and your company, which in turn drives sponsors towards you. (Ideal for new companies, or companies looking to scale.)

Relationship Marketing - is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.

Public Relations - Public relations is the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

Marketing Automation's - automated marketing such as email campaigns or newsletters.


social media marketing

Increase your social media presence and attract more viewers, followers, subscribers, and visitors, as well as obtain more likes, shares and comments to help boost your ratings.

Our social media marketing program will help you get more followers, more likes and more views while improving your online presence and maintaining your ability to deliver value and receive sustainable results.

See more about social media marketing on our "Social Media marketing" page or click the button below and see how our social media marketing program can help you progress further.

B2B marketing

Market, promote and sale your products or services to a wider range of consumers and add business owner clients to your consumer group.

We will help you identify potential consumers in the business industries and help you market to them as well as help you sale to them.

Many business owners offer a product or service that can be used by more than just individuals, they can be offered to businesses as well, increasing your monthly consumer rate and widening your market area.

Learn more about B2B marketing by visiting our "B2B Marketing" page, or by clicking the button listed below.


Stand out with a new brand for your company and help attract new customers to your business! We focus on creating you a brand that consists of a name, a logo, a slogan, a gimmick, a face and an image. We use our advanced methodology to create you a one of a kind brand that will both stand out from your competitors and deliver remarkable results. Brand your company and start building your new image! 

To learn more about our branding program, visit our "Branding" page or click the button listed below.

Business Analysis

Many business owners assume that their problems reside in one particular area, but in reality there are many little problems creating the big problems. To ensure we uncover the correct problems, we will run a full diagnostics on your company and employees to determine where your business stands and allowing you the specifics of where your problems lay as well as informing you what needs more attention, or correction, to ensure your business progresses promisingly.

Competitive Analysis

Some business owners only worry about what they do and how their business is operating and functioning, but you always want to know where your competitors stand so you know how to stand your ground and thrive in your respected fields of expertise. To ensure your company, your products and your services are functioning at a competitive rate, we will analyze multiple competitors in your vicinity, weather it be locally, nationally, or worldwide, we are sure to be very thorough. 

Sales Training

A crucial factor that majority of business owners over look is the fact that sales run through every single aspect of a business. It is your job to keep your business alive while dispensing amazing products or services, and it is my job to ensure you thrive. One way I accomplish this is by providing proper sales training and closer training to employees, managers, and owners. This ensures you will stay progressing and thrive in your respective fields even without me there, a well needed quality to have when dealing with business. 

There are a few different options to choose from; we offer one week training to get the basics down, but unfortunately it is not easy to learn sales and closing in one week so this option involves me providing you with a great amount of information to study and practice after our one week session is complete.


We also provide 2 week training, 3 week training, 4 week training, 6 week training, 8 week training, and 3 month training packages. Each package is designed to help you and your employees master the art of sales and master the art of closing.

Communications Training

In businesses, communicating is very important, this program allows you and your employees to communicate with customers in appropriate manner, appealing to their "Professional Needs". When a person is speaking with a professional, they do not question diagnostics, just like when speaking with a doctor about your health, you do not question his doctorate or diagnosis. 


We also teach you how to read people's body language to know how you should communicate in return. All this helps ensure you are presented as a professional and helps you communicate effectively with your customers.

To learn more about our communications training program, visit our "Training" page or click on the button listed below.

marketing Training

Our marketing training program teaches you how to better understand and how to use marketing so you will no longer require the assistance of a third party when marketing your company, brand, products and services.

This program offers two types of marketing training, traditional marketing and our advanced marketing system. Depending on which of these two types of marketing you wish to become more knowledgeable in will determine the approach taken, the length of the training, and the amount of knowledge received.

To learn more about our marketing training program, visit our "Training" page or click on the button below.

masterclass training

Our VIP Training Program will give you access to all three training programs; the Sales Training Program, the Communication Training program, and the Marketing Training Program, as well as a bonus Atlantian Designs Business Training Program that will teach you each and every fundamental subject used in creating this amazing system. These fundamental subjects consist of various topics including, basic psychology, advanced kinetics, business, sales, closing strategies, marketing, brand management, behavioral analysis, basic Neuro-plasticity, imagery, alliteration, illustration, rationality, statistics, strategics and much more. These training programs will help you understand many business fields and help you better understand the consumers you encounter, as well as how to help them and provide value.

s.e.o. & s.e.m.

Our S.E.O. and S.E.M. programs help you build and maintain a reliable search engine optimization and markets your company, brand, products and/or services through search engines.

This program will help you receive higher efficiency in maintaining a consistent and prosperous flow of traffic to your website and social media accounts. We manage this process by using various strategies and techniques to grow your online presence and increase your search engine standings with the goal of reaching the top 5 on the first pages of each popular search engine.

To learn more about our S.E.O. and S.E.M. programs and see how they can help you, visit our "S.E.O. & S.E.M." page or click the button below.

public relations

Increase your public relationship with your company. Increase the positivity of the public's perception of you and your company by boosting the popularity of you and your image or by altering the state of your image and your company image.

Public relations is all about spreading information in regards of increasing your company outlook to the public to get more exposure and to get more attention so you will gain a higher audience and obtain more customers.

This is done in various types of ways, many are listed and described below, but the overall idea is to build your company up, build an ideal image or concept of your company that corresponds positively with the public and your consumer group, then spread the word of you and your company, your company concept and company image to grow the awareness of you and your company in a positive and progressive manor.

To learn more about our public relations program, visit our "Public Relations" page or click the button listed below.


Our networking program is designed to grow and expand your network, which in turn helps you receive new associates with similar interests, and it helps you obtain more customers through various proceedings associated with network expansion.

Our goal by expanding your network of consumers and producers is to help you obtain more definitive leads, more monthly customers and sales, more entrepreneurial environments to help increase business productivity and help with the expansion of your knowledge base, and to introduce you to a wide range of networks associated with your profession, your products and/or services, and your ideology or business concept.

To learn more about our networking program and how it can help you progress forward, visit our "Networking" page or click the button listed below.


Advertisements are a great way to promote your company, your website, your products or services, and more. We here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems use a unique type of advertising, advanced advertising. It is similar to traditional advertisements, but instead of using traditional marketing styles or traditional strategies and tactics to develop these ads and promotions, we use our advanced marketing proceedings, which include strategic advancements and tactics.

Our goal is to increase your company progression past the bounds and limitations of success; to skyrocket past your competitors and turn your company into a well known, and well established, industry leader.

To learn more about our advanced advertisements and proceedings, or to see how they can help you, visit our "Advertising" page or click the button listed below.

creative design

Creativity is when you bring your dreams into reality, anything you can think of can be created. It can drive to inspire, and can be a wonder of attraction. The most beautiful creations on the Earth are some of the top attractions in the world; for example, the Egyptian pyramids, the leaning tower of Pisa, or Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

Our goal here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems is to create you works of art, designs that will leave your audience intrigued and fascinated. By achieving this, we can ensure you will be noticed, unique and highly appealing to viewers and consumers.

Every design you need crafted can be done in a most beautiful and inspiring manner, anything from website designs, to company branding, with everything in between.

To learn more about our creative designs and how they can benefit you, visit our "Creative Design" page or click the button below.

lead generation

Our lead generating program can be a stand alone program or can be utilized through some of the other programs that it is included with like all marketing programs, sales training, communications training, and more.

This program is designed to use various strategies and avancements to attract and obtain leads for you to turn into customers and sales. We use state of the art analytical software and advanced statistical analysis to determine our approaches and in turn deliver the highest efficiency rate of leads for you and your company.

To learn more about lead generation and to see how it can help you obtain more monthly sales, contact us or visit our "Training" page and look for "Lead Generation" or click the link below.


website design

Your website is an important part of your company, especially when trying to obtain consumers through online measures. Your website is the gateway to your company, it is the first part of you consumers see when locating you online through social media and search engines. Your website is the first part of you people go to see when they are curious if you are investment worthy to them. This means your website set up and design have to reflect a positive and attractive perception or you can push those consumers into the arms of your competitors.

Our website designing program will ensure you have a top of the line, grade-A website that reflects professionalism, respect, integrity, and more; everything needed to attract a consumer to your business.

To learn more about our web designing program, visit our "Website Design" page or click the button listed below.

website development

If you are a new company or you are starting a new company, you may be in need of a website being developed. Our website design is what comes after the website is developed, if you do not yet have a website to design, we can develop one for you as well.

Our website development program offers many varieties of websites with various coding languages including HTML, PHP, Java, C++, and more. So no matter what your needs are, we can provide an efficient solution for you and your company.

To see some of the websites we have developed, visit our "Website Design" page or click the button listed below.

To learn more about website development and how it can benefit you and your company, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to walk you through the process.

business development

Add to your current company, grow your current company and start new companies. Our business development program covers all of it.

To learn more, contact us or visit our "360 Marketing" page by clicking the button listed below.

business development

Scale your business to larger levels and shoot for becoming your industry's leader in supply.

business  management
business management

Get help managing your company with such areas as social media, promotional strategy, business strategy and more.

Have us manage areas of your business like social media, promotional activities and events, or sales management and more.

To learn more, contact us and one of our experts will be happy to provide more details, or visit our "360 Marketing" page by clicking the button listed below.

Personal development has a great impact on businesses. It helps you grow in your company, help you obtain more success, and help you with your business relationships between your employees and staff, your business associates, and your clientele as well.

To learn more about personal development and to see how it can help you, contact us through phone call, email, text, or social media and one of our experts will be happy to provide more details.

personal development

Better yourself and become a more skilled and professional business owner and entrepreneur. Expand your knowledge, your abilities and more.

New Website 'Services' Page - Personal D

Product development is great for restructuring a company or a companies strategies and approach. It is also ideal for new companies or companies who have not yet unlocked all available supplies to their industry demand (who provides all products or services in the industry).

To learn more about product development and to see how it can benefit you, contact us through phone call, email, text or social media and one of our experts will be happy to provide more informations.

product development

Improve your current products to help deliver a more strategical message, or develop new products to add to your products and services list.

New Website 'Services' Page - Product De

Portfolio development is great for business owners, especially business owners who deal with direct sales or business to business sales.

Our portfolio development program helps you create and maintain the best version of your success to appeal towards prospects and customers for business and repeat business.

To learn more about portfolio development and how it can help you, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to provide you with additional information.

portfolio development

Create a portfolio to share with consumers and current clients, or improve your standing portfolio for better results in sales and repeat business.

New Website 'Services' Page - Portfolio

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Thank you and have a great day!

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