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Increasing Your Website Traffic

Having a great company brand and a great website is great, but it will only get you so far. Only so many people can find you with out you applying any strategic measures, this is where a well established and strategically developed S.E.O. and S.E.M. come into play. 

What these do is, they help secure a dominate position on search engine servers in which they sort your company website into a specific division of search engine phrases so it is easier to be seen by someone in your consumer group who is searching for a product or service that falls in accordance with the division you were sorted into. They also allow for you to climb search engine servers so you appear higher in search results when someone from your consumer group searches a phase associated with your assorted division or from your personalized search phrase listings. An average S.E.O. or S.E.M. campaign will help provide respectable results that help increase your presence on these servers in an average manor of time, but advanced S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns will help drive results in quicker time and in higher quantities, bringing more customers from your consumer group, to your website.

Weather you are wanting an advanced S.E.O., an advanced S.E.M. or both, we will develop a carefully analyzed and strategically drafted campaign for each. See what is included in these campaigns below.

what is the difference between S.E.O. & S.E.M.?


A search engine optimization is the process of increasing your online presence and driving to your website using only strategic maneuvers and utilizing marketing knowledge in a strategic manor without the help of paid advertising through the search engines themselves.

This helps drive traffic to your website by increasing your online presence and helping you climb through the ranks of search engine servers. It helps maintain progression for periods of times and also appeals to consumers because your website listing will not have the word "ad" next to in when they locate your listing on the search engine they are currently using.


Search engine marketing is the process of growing you online presence in a quick and direct manor with the help of paid advertising through the search engine of your choosing, the search engine best suited for your consumer group, or all search engines you wish to appear on.

This helps drive traffic to your website in a quicker and larger manor than the S.E.O. does, but does not last once you remove the advertisement. The advertisement can be as progressive as you choose, depending on your marketing budget; the larger your budget, the better the results.

When these two are applied together in the same campaign, you can expect to see both quick and long lasting results. When applied together, they help drive traffic to your website by utilizing paid advertisements and by building your online presence while building your website up to climb through higher listings on search engines. 

Discover more about S.E.O. and S.E.M. when they are applied to the advancements of our advanced marketing system. 

Multi-Platform S.E.O. & S.E.M.

Growing your online presence through one search engine works well, but it is not ideal. You want to be able to grow your online presence through various search engines, mainly the most popular two; Google and Bing, but utilizing four or five search engines is recommended for best results. People use different search engines depending on multiple variables; what computer do they own, what type of smart phone do they have, which server do they prefer, etc. In order to reach as many people as possible and to drive the most efficient results, you want to utilize as many as possible, multi-level campaigning.

When drafting your S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns, we include various search engine servers to market, starting with the most popular four; Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. If you already have a website, we will analyze your current search phrases and see how they rate compared to our data, if they are well established then we will keep them, if they rank lower than average or at average, we will restructure them. If you do not have a website, we can make you one and set up the search phrases and search parameters from there. We also use three advanced strategies to help kick start your ranked listing and to help it rise quicker through the servers.

Once the S.E.O. is set in motion, we will begin drafting your paid advertisements for the S.E.M. and station them in a strategic manor that corresponds best with your company, industry and consumer group. Once the advertisements are created, we will analyze key search phrases to categorize your ads into, then once the ads have been stationed and are live, we will apply the search phrases to your ads so your ideal consumer group will be able to locate you easier as well as anyone else searching similar subject areas. When drafting your search phrases for both the S.E.O. and the S.E.M., we will apply multiple subject areas that correspond well with your business ideology and concept, your industry, your products and/or services, as well as your consumer groups and affiliated personal or businesses that can be associated with needing your products and/or services. Applying the different subject areas will allow for multiple stages of viewer to locate you in a quick manor as well as in larger numbers.

Curious to see how long a campaign can take or how long it will last? Wondering when you can expect to see results from both campaigns? See more details regarding results and time management below.

Multi-Level S.E.O. & S.E.M.

A multi-level S.E.O. and S.E.M. is where you apply S.E.O. campaigns to multiple classifications from the same source. On a website, this works by applying the S.E.O. campaign, or a different S.E.O. campaign, for each individual page, each posting, and each category that is available on your website. This is why blog postings are so highly recommended when you have a website, because you can apply the same campaign, or a different one, for each blog posting you add. By doing this, you are allowing for a much wider range of data to be found with much more varieties of search phrases and by a larger group of individuals, apposed to just one company idea with a single group of search phrase listings and a specific consumer group.

When multi-level campaigning, we create multiple proceedings that correspond with the category we are campaigning for and trying to increase traffic to. By applying these proceedings to each individual category, we are providing the content people are searching for and pulling them to your website, or landing page. These proceedings include marketing each page of your website, each blog posting, each picture or video, and each description or information that explains a different category. Our proceedings also include creating multiple search phrase groups for each category, this usually contains 1,000 different search phrases or more, depending on how vaig your product or service idea is, and has no limit to how many you can include.

When completing your campaigns and all proceedings have been successfully executed, you will see a great increase of traffic to your website. We also record your website traffic data so we can observe traffic patterns, how long individuals stay on a page and what pages they visit as well as what search phrase they were able to locate you with and how long it took each individual to find you with that search phrase. Collecting anlytical data like this also allows for us to update you on your websites progression and increase in traffic.

How Does it Work?

Search engines are designed to produce the most accurate results possible that correspond with the search phrase entered by an individual. Some individuas will type very brief and vaig entries to get a wide range of results, or because they only need to type that phrase or word in; others enter extremely detailed phrases into the search bar and get dead on precise results with what they are looking for. Because of this, you want have a wide range of search phrases so you can reach all types of consumers who use various search phrases, and you also want to have strategically developed words or phrases associated with your website listing so you can be located with correct searches, more searches, and with serious consumers.

The S.E.O. is designed to help increase the position of your search engine listings and to help drive traffic to your website over a longer period of time. When done correctly and strategically, you will raise through the search engines pages and other listings with the goal of becoming the first listing on the first page of every search engine you market. You will also see a increase in website traffic due to the strategic search phrases, the listing progression and from content management. A S.E.O. utilizes a search engine to its' max potential and utilizes every aspect of marketing possible. This works by knowing and understanding the search engines functions, your company idea, your industry, your products or services, your consumer group and statistical analysis. By understanding and applying these understandings, we will build you an unstoppable and highly effective S.E.O.

Search engine marketing helps increase website traffic and increase your search presence now, as well as in longer periods of time. This works by utilizing search engine paid advertisements in a strategic way, by promoting your company in a strategic way, and by appealing to the consumers searching for your product or services in a strategic way. Search engine marketing uses the understanding of your company ideology, your consumer group want and needs, your industry concept, and statistical analysis, like the S.E.O. does. The difference though, S.E.M. produces higher results with larger quantities of traffic in a short period of time, as well as a long period of time, while a S.E.O. produces larger quantities of traffic with higher results over periods of time.

How Long Does it Take?

With an average S.E.O. from other agencies, you would typically see results in 6-12 months or possibly longer; with our advanced S.E.O. program, you will start seeing highly noticeable and highly effective results in as little as 3-6 months. This is because of our advanced proceedings and understanding of various subject areas.

With an average S.E.M. from other agencies, you would typically see results in 1-2 months; with our advanced S.E.M. program, you will start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks - 1 month. This is because of our advanced proceedings and analytical studies that prepare us for any scenario and is adaptable to any situation.

With our advanced marketing program, you can even see results in a quicker or higher portrayed manor. See more about S.E.O. and S.E.M. with advanced marketing below.

How Long Does it Last?

With the advanced S.E.O. and advanced S.E.M. programs, you will be able to continue your company with effective results and increased traffic until the S.E.M. program ends or until the S.E.O. we set in place is out dated, which can be anywhere from 6 months - 2 years after the campaigns have been extinguished.

If you are wanting to keep a lifetime of effective results with increased traffic, look into our advanced marketing systems, or our 360 marketing program; these include education in regards to obtaining these types of results past our proceedings and business conduction.


Advanced Marketing with S.E.O. & S.E.M.

Our S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns are highly effective and highly efficient, but when combined with our advanced marketing systems, they become even more effective and efficient. The advanced marketing system increases the S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns short of like a boosting process. This works because when it comes to search engine optimizations and search engine marketing, there are countless variables to consider that can and will effect its' performance. These variables stem from your company, your industry and your website as well as your consumer group and products or services. These variables include; how well your website is established, the content on your website, your company ideology, your industry concept, your business concept, your consumer groups range span, your products or services concept/ideology and ability to produce demand, your performance ability, your marketing set up and other marketing factors, plus many more. Each one of these, and more, will have some sort of impact, and if they do not correspond correctly, then they will have more of a negative impact than positive.

Our advanced marketing services take these variables out of the equation because we personally handle these variables and set them up to correspond with your S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns perfectly and respectfully. How we do this is by executing our advanced marketing strategies upon these subject areas, or variables, and progress them to become equally sustained in conjunction with our S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns.

These advanced marketing services and proceeding advancements are also included in our 360 marketing services. Our 360 marketing covers 100% of your company's progression rate and ensures you progress efficiently, effectively and quickly past your competitors.

To view more about advanced marketing or 360 marketing, click on either button below and see if advanced marketing, or 360 marketing, is right for you.


S.E.O. & S.E.M. Campaigns

A full S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaign includes multi-level proceedings that work in connection to one another and in a strategically designed pattern, which is used to set one up so it prepares setup for the next and so on. These proceedings cover a wide range of subject areas, ensuring that your website and online presence progresses in a quick, but also effective, manor. Specific subject areas that are included in these campaigns are:

Search Phrase Analysis

Search phrase are the words used in a search to locate you specific industry type and helps locating your particular brands, products and/or services.

The search phrase analysis tells us which words are best to use for your particular company based on various inputs and other variables.

How the analysis works is, we use analytical software that compares peoples searches to your website, then the analytical software informs us how popular a phrase is, how often it is used, the positives of that phrase, the negatives of it, and how successful the phrase will be to locate your website.

Doing this will allow for us to choose the most effective word search phrases for you and your company / products and services.

Search Phrase Development

After analyzing search phrases, we will strategically empliment them into your website search category on the search engine serves.

We strategically analyze search patterns with pattern recognition software to determine how to place them in which search engine server, and which server to place which specific phrases.

When analyzation, development, and placement is complete, your website will be ready to be found by your industry's consumer group or anyone in search of your products and services.

Keeping you updated on your website progression is important, so after some time has went by for your new search phases to be used, we will collect the analytical data for processing, then share the data with you either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Optimization for Search Intent

When creating keywords and designing optimization for driving more traffic, we will also optimize our actions and content for search intent.

This means that we will provide what your consumer group wants to see as well as provide other individuals with the content they want to see.

This allows for a wider range of traffic to flow to your website and makes it easier for your website to be found.

S.E.M. Linking Programs

When marketing various search engines, we will also use other search means like social media to market and advertise your listing and website.

By doing this, people across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked-In, etc. will be able to locate your website through searches without having to search on search engines.

This in turn allows for an even wider range of audience and a tremendous increase in traffic.

Multi-Server Increase

A multi -server increase is raising through the ranked listings of each individual search engine until your website is the first listing on the first page of each of your search phrases search results.

How this is accomplished is by using the Multi-Level S.E.O. strategy, as seen above, and some advanced content management.

Company and Industry Analysis

We analyze your company and industry to determine what is the most effective and efficient means of demand for your products and services, as well as what makes your company unique, what your industry ideology is, what your business concept is, etc.

This allows for accurate and effective promotions and marketing while utilizing the most of search engines in a proper and strategic manor. This in turn drives more traffic to your website and helps attract more "ready to buy" consumers looking for your products and or services.

Content Management

Content Management is where we manage the content that goes into your search engine optimization or search engine marketing. For example, we will create and manage a strategic advertisement and website listing that includes a title, and informative description that will utilize each search engine to the max capacity and set them up in a strategic manor so they drive more traffic to your website and company.

Consumer Analysis

A consumer analysis is where we analyze your industry's consumer groups to determine what they all have in common as well as what they are interested in and what best appeals to them.

By collecting these types of data, we will know what content to use and where it will best be utilized in certain search engines.

When you understand what the consumer wants and needs, as well as what demand is currently in place, you will better know how to use that information to attract those groups of people.


Learn More About S.E.O. and S.E.M. Campaigns

If you are curious to learn more about S.E.O. and S.E.M. campaigns and what more proceedings or strategies there are, or if you want to see if advanced S.E.O. and advanced S.E.M. is right for you, give us a call at 407-640-9616 or email us