client reviews

Paul Stevenson

CEO of Indoor Comfort Inc.

Working with Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems has helped us in a few different ways. They helped us get more customers, more leads, helped train our sales team to overcome objections, helped us get more followers on 4 of our social media accounts, and provided nice insights with a new strategy for repeat business. 

My associate and I had made the decision to work with Jacob and his team because he was the only one of the marketing agencies we talked with that told us the hard truth about what our issues were and what needed to be done to resolve these issues.

Patricia Machentire

President of Copper Creek Resorts

I found Atlantian Designs on a google search when my partner and I were trying to find a good marketer. We liked what we had seen so we decided to reach out to Jacob to see if he could provide us with an honest answer about what to do to get out of our funk.

I ended up talking with Jacob over a video chat call and he was able to walk me through the process of what he found wrong with our approaches towards getting more customers through the door.

After our phone call my partner and I felt confident that this company was a good fit for what we were wanting. 


2 months latter we already were noticing good things and now 6 months from starting we are bringing in an average of 20 more customers each month.


We have agreed to keep the process going for 6 more months, I am excited to see what happens next.

Breanna Colson

CEO of Paradise Springs & Spa

My company was struggling to bring in more online clients when I had received the call from Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems. I wanted more clients flowing in from our online advertisements and social media, but we seemed to hit our ceiling point for bringing in more clients.

I was not interested in what I heard at first, but the CEO Jacob Kelly ended up calling me through a video call and told me that he would be more than happy to analyze my situation and see where the underlying problem was. Since it was complementary I said yes, but the results he brought back were eye opening.


Jacob told me that I shouldn't focus on social media sources to obtain more clients, but instead improve my website and focus on search engine traffic first.


I agreed to go his route and it did not disappoint me, I now get upwards of 250 more website views a month with about 5 more clients a month because of taking this route. I am truly happy with my results and thank the Atlantian Designs team for delivering on their word.

michelle porter

CEO of Magic Prints Inc.

A great company with a great team, I am really happy with what Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems was able to do for me.

I now have a professional website, 3 more social media accounts, and a 20% increase in my quarterly customer review.

Thank you Atlantian Designs, I look forward to moving further ahead with you all.

jason thompson

CEO of USA Machinery

I called Atlantian Designs because I needed to get more views from my social media postings and blog. I decided to go ahead an update my website with a blog as well after Jacob and his team pointed out where there were a few areas that would deflect viewers.

After 6 months of working with Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems I have received over 1,200 more views from social media, am currently on the first page of Google, and I get more website traffic, plus more customers through my website, because of the blog. I could not be more pleased with everything, thank you.

daniel rhodes

CEO of Outreach Tech Inc.

I never heard of advanced marketing before doing business with Jacob, but I am glad I know of it now.

I have hired four marketing companies in the past years to help bring in more business, not one succeeded in doing so. After a two months with Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems, I have been able to double my monthly revenue and now have many social media platforms in which I attract many customers through.

Advanced marketing is definitely worth trying out, Jacob is definitely gifted. Thank you for doing what you promised.

amanda reveirez

COO of AirZone Heating & Cooling

I highly recommend Atlantian Designs to anyone needing assistance in marketing, sales, business, etc. They do great work with amazing results, they are extremely friendly and very respectful and they truly care about helping you succeed!

jeremy hull

Vice President of Perfect Finish Automotive

Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems Helped me grow my business into what I wanted when I first started in 2013. I now have more clients than I ever thought possible and I have more followers on social media. I will definitely return if I fall behind again.

patrick louis

CEO of Patty's Handyman Services

I am a newly developed entrepreneur and I was struggling to find my way in the contractor's industry, but thankfully I was contacted by Jacob and his team and they helped me overcome that setback and a few others. I just signed my 100th contract and plan to sign many more in the near future.