Our most advanced and multi optional program, providing amazing results in all subjects. You will receive more than 20 different types of strategic marketing, one of which will be Advanced Inbound Marketing which consist of SEO Marketing on Google and Bing with up to 250,000+ prospect searches and 25,000+ customer views per month. We will track all SEO progress using SEO Analysis Tracking to stay updated on what is getting attention and if anything is getting more attention than others; this will also provide specific details including which page was seen and how much time was spent on that page, etc. You will also receive advertising options on YouTube consisting of both imagery and video marketing. We will create all ads posted as well as maintain them and update them bi-weekly. Also provided in the Inbound Marketing will be Social Media Marketing, with 4+ creative ads on Facebook per month, 4+ creative offers on Twitter and Instagram each month, and multiple business pages to promote your company on all 3 social media platforms. You will receive 5+ email marketing campaigns every month with 4+ customer interactive data lists to receive interested prospects names, numbers and email addresses so we may market to them directly. Next you will have Direct Customer Marketing available, this is where we reach out to all prospects via phone call, email messaging and social media messaging. We provide 4+ Promotional Marketing Campaigns along with promotional consulting to help you determine what promotions are best to run, when to run them, and why it is best to run them. While we build this empire of marketing we will also be focusing on Public Relations and Business to Business Marketing for you and your company to reach more than just interested prospects and average consumers. Before starting this process we will begin with running a thorough competitive analysis and a thorough business analysis on your company and your competitors to ensure we uncover every issue that presents any current damage to your sale or customer base. You will receive 2+ business and 2+ competitive analysis each month, 1+ in the beginning before we start and the others will be conducted 2+ weeks after successfully executing your company promotions. To top it all off, you will also receive 1+ Advanced Website Package(s) as well as an upgradable, Intermediate Branding Package. The ultimate program to ensure your business, products and services are seen in every corner of your promoting range and your sales rate, as well as your customer base, are increased! (You will see the plus signs throughout this detail description, these are for if you want more they are available, an unlimited amount.)

Ultimate Marketing

SKU: UM-3000