The Truth About Cold Calling! Does It Still Work?

People think cold calling is outdated and inefficient, but that is simply untrue. Cold calling is one of the top three strategies I use to generate more customers, or at the very least more leads. Now I do not use cold calling to target people I can not help, everyone I call is someone I researched thoroughly and believe can use my assistance. When I call them, I do not try to sale them, I try to talk with them and see if my assistance is needed and if they would be interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss possible resolutions for any issues they are currently having. I strongly believe in researching the company to the best of your ability before calling and talking to them, and once you call them, do not try to sale them, just talk with them as human beings and try to see if you can genuinely help them. If you can not help them, you should not try and say that you can, it will only hurt you, hurt the consumer, and will ruin your credibility in the long run.

Before you cold call a prospect, you need to script out what you intend to say. Please note that when using scripts, you do not want to read the script, you just want to use it as a guideline so you can keep the conversation moving toward your desired destination and sound professional while doing so. If you read the script word for word, your conversation will sound scripted, you do not want it to sound scripted because your prospect will feel less connective to you and feel more like you had to call them to sale them something, instead of feeling like you wanted to call them and help them with their issue. You want to sound natural, you want your conversation to be genuine and personal, you want to ensure your prospect that you see them as a human being and not as another name on a lead sheet. Doing this will help build rapport with your prospects and in turn, your clients as well.

Cold calling can be a very negative and upsetting experience when done inappropriately or unintelligently, not only to the prospect but to you as well. It is your job to create a respectable and pleasant experience for both you and your consumer, you do not want to overwhelm them, upset them or push them into buying your products and or services if they do not need them or want them. Always go into a cold call with the intention of helping this person, not selling them, you will be more effective and more professional with greater odds of success.

When cold calling, you do not want to try and sale your prospect with the first phone call, you want to see if your services or products are needed, and if so, ask to schedule a meeting when it best suites them. I talked about this in a previous post, but in case you did not see it, I will explain it again here. When you schedule a meeting with a client you can do it via phone call, but you should do it in person, or face to face over Skype. This is more effective than a phone call because it builds rapport with your prospect, it puts a face to your voice and company so now you are not just another stranger trying to provide your products and services, you are a human being trying to help, you are someone that the prospect can relate to, you are someone that takes pride in his products or services and who is confident in them as well. This also shows a great deal of respect to your prospect and shows him you are serious about having them join your company as a client. Also, when you meet face to face over Skype, or in person, you can now use more strategic techniques that you can not use over the phone, for example: physical and visual gesturing or mirroring. These techniques are not easily explained through blog postings, so if you wish to learn more about these techniques, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help anyone learn and understand them better.

I will be posting a new blog this week explaining strategic techniques for face to face meetings, cold callings, phone screenings, emails and more, so be sure to keep an eye out for those if you are needing some assistance in those areas. I will also be covering a trick on how to get prospects to schedule the meeting within a few days, or later that week, rather than a couple weeks, or even months, down the line. Keep an eye out for the next two days for the blog post regarding cold calling scripts, this will be the post that contains the trick I am referring to. The post will also contain information regarding how to write a script, how many scripts you should have, when to use what scripts, and more.

I hope you all found this information informative as well as useful! I wish you the best of luck with it. Until next time!

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