Reach More Customers

Many small business owners ask "what is the best action I can take right now to increase productivity?" My answer is always the same, reach more people. There are many ways you can accomplish this action, my personal favorite is to conduct a survey. Develop a survey that pertains to your business, reach out to potential candidates and ask if they will be willing to participate in your survey. You now have a way to connect with a new prospect, you receive a good amount of valuable information from them and their current situation, and you made them aware of you and your business without being disrespectful or having to sale to them. You will be able to talk to twice as many people this way and you have a higher chance of obtaining new customers as well as obtaining some constructive information. Leave your comments below or email me letting me know what your favorite way to reach new customers is and if you have tried, or would like to try, the survey idea. My email is Have a great and productive day!

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