Power of the Subconscious Mind

We use an advanced system that triggers reactions in the conscious and subconscious minds, this allows our promoting content to be more appealing and more attractive to the viewer, increasing the odds of them selecting this content, and being more attracted to this content, by 50% plus. Let me explain how this works and why it works so well, you can also find this material with more detail in my new book "Curing Cancers".

Who controls your body? Is it you and your consciousness, or is it your subconscious brain? When you are walking around or sitting down, who is pumping the blood through out your veins and sending it coursing through your body? It is your subconscious brain.

The subconscious brain does so much more and operates at a level so much higher than we ever seem to think about. According to statistics, our subconscious brains control 95% of the whole brain, leaving 5% control for the conscious brain. The subconscious tells your body to pump x amount of blood through your body at x speed, at the same time telling your heart to contract and release x amount of times per minute. When you stand up, it tells your blood to pump x amount of blood x speed faster, and the same for when you run. While the subconscious is doing this, it is also telling your lungs to contract and release while telling multiple muscles to contact and twist or release because you are typing on a computer or cooking in the kitchen. While you do this, you are free to think about multiple thoughts at once, when to hit the space bar, when to add a comma, a memory of your high school dance, etc. Your subconscious is doing all this in one second, but in order for all this to happen, you have to take in consideration the travel distance between the subconscious thought and the time it takes to travel that distance to that nerve in the body. This means your subconscious can think a million times faster than your consciousness can and knows what to do to keep you alive and mobile all within a fraction of a second. This is just a few things your subconscious does at one millisecond, it does thousand of more actions all simultaneously, it is the best multitasking organism on the planet. Now is that not powerful? Is that not impressive?

That is why we use subconscious triggers, because it controls 95% of the brain and can act before you even realize the page is finished loading. If a viewer's subconscious is triggered to be attracted to the content that registered the triggering, what do you think the odds are that that viewer will select what the subconscious is telling them they are attracted to?

My new book, "Curing Cancers", contains all this information and much more in incomparable detail, and it is available for purchase now. It contains information about how to use subconscious triggers and how to apply these techniques in your business life as well as your private life. The book also includes insight to the advanced system we use and how it was created, it also will help show you how to operate your business and market your business with advanced strategies and systems.

The book has not been released to the public yet, and will not be until February of 2020, but I want to offer my followers and clients the chance to get it before it hits the shelf. If you are wanting a copy of this new book, please message me and let me know and I will get one out to you. The book is $59.95 until it goes public, then it will be $99.95.

Email me to let me know if you want a copy of "Curing Cancers" and let me know if you liked the information in this post, or if you would like to see more.

- Jacob Kelly



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