"Knowledge is Power"

Have you ever heard the expression "Knowledge is Power"? How many ever think of this quote and apply it to business, or life in general? The more knowledge you obtain, the more power you wield.

If you go to college and obtain a bachelor's degree in sociology, you now understand development and structuring of human society. Let’s say you go for a job interview and you are trying to get a position in your field of study. You are in a list of people who differ in knowledge base, but there is one guy who has a master’s degree in sociology, and another with a bachelor's degree in sociology on top of a bachelor's degree in behavioral psychology. Who do you think will get the job position?

Another example: If you are a sales associate and you have to bring in new clientele for the company you work for, you get on the phone with a prospect, they just got off the phone with someone else from another company, you try to sale the prospect your pitch but you do not have the knowledge on how to close the deal, they say "contact me in 2 weeks and we will discuss it" and you say sure. Who do you think the prospect is going to see more professional? Are they waiting two weeks for something they need now? or, are they going with the first sales associate from the other company?

Knowledge is power. Knowledge helps you obtain more and more power over the life you want, or the business you want. If you want to progress forward to the next stage of development, you need to obtain the knowledge on how to do so.

Comment below, message me, or call me and let me know what knowledge you need to obtain more of to help you progress to the next stage.

- Jacob Kelly

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