Increase Your S.E.O

A good trick to help increase your S.E.O is to always keep your sight updated. Update your website daily, with new content, with restructuring, anything to update your site and make it new again.

Search engines like Google or Bing update their servers frequently, when they update their servers all the newly updated sites stay in place while the other sites that were not updated fall to a lower ranking, in turn raising your rank by that amount.

At first you will not see much of a difference, but update your site every day for a month and you will start seeing results by how many people are finding your site. In a year you will be far up the ladder and obtain a decently high ranking on your chosen search engine.

Call or email me to find out other tricks you can do to speed up this process so you do not have to wait so long to get efficient results. There are hundreds of tricks and tips you can use to increase your SEO, you just need to obtain the knowledge. Everyone reading, have a great and knowledgeable day!

- Jacob Kelly



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