The Correct Questions

Every business has the potential to be more than what it is now, you just have to know how. Most people who want to progress forward with their business usually ask "how can I progress forward?" or "how can I grow my business?" also "how can I bring in more customers?" as well as "how can I make more money?" In order to progress forward, no matter what aspect it is regarding, you have to ask the right questions. When I first became an entrepreneur and started my first business, my mentor would tell me "you can not get a correct answer that works without asking the correct questions first." - Everett West. In this case the correct questions are not "how can I?" The correct questions are "What is preventing me?" or "What is preventing my business from progressing forward?" If you ask that question first you will receive your answer, then you can ask "how can I?" and then you will get the answer to that question as well. Ask yourself, are you asking the correct questions? If not, start searching for it before searching for the big answer. #CorrectQuestions Comment below, or you can email me and call me to see if you are asking the right questions.

- Jacob Kelly

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