Effective Posting - How to Manage Your Social Media Posts for Efficient Results.

How often should you post to social media? Many people have asked me this question and there is a few different responses that have came to mind, but after contemplating over it for a few weeks, I have came to a conclusion based on my personal and professional opinion.

I see people post hourly, others post daily and some post weekly or monthly. My professional opinion is, you do not want to overwhelm your followers and viewers with too much in one sitting, but you need to be fairly active to obtain attention from both your followers and outside viewers.

  • My advice to you, post 3 times a day, once at breakfast, another at lunch and the last at dinner. Doing this will give you a great balance of compromise between both not overwhelming followers and obtaining attention from outside viewers.

  • Also, do not just post to one social media platform, post to all of them. If you are unable to post to all platforms, then at minimum post to the top 4; Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Instagram. Post to each one 3 times a day but do not post the same thing twice, ensure each post is different for each platform every time. If the posting is important or is rewritten to be worded differently and sounds different from the original, you can post it on another platform, but try to stay original, unique and widely informative.

A great technique I use is Pre-Drafted Schedule Postings. This is where you pick a day to create a weeks’ worth of posts, have them ready so when time comes you can post them and be done. I create 20 posts on Sunday, and I create a new post every night to stay ahead and this helps me be able to post with out using up all my time for that day so I can handle my regular business requirements.

If you are curious what to post, you can check out my other blog posts regarding social media posting, you can check back in every day to see new postings, and you can message me or call me if you would like to ask me to review your posts or give more insight regarding what to post.

Until next time!

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