A Simple 3-Step Strategy I Use Bi-Weekly to Obtain More Customers

  1. Lead Generation Form

  2. Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter

  3. Contacting Leads

First, I create a contact form through my Microsoft account. I ask for information like; name, email, phone number, reason for contact, are you a business owner, etc. and I allow a spot where the prospect can type a message if they wish. You can change these questions to fit your company but be aware, when asking for a phone number, you will not receive as many leads, you will only receive truly interested people. This is good so you do not waste your time, but it depends on your business type. If you are unsure if you should include your number on your contact form, feel free to reach out and ask, I will be glad to answer your question as well any questions about what other questions to put on your form.

Next, I post the contact form on 3 major social media platforms; Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. I post on these 3 because they are great for getting attention and responses. Please note that it is advised to promote these postings as an advertisement so you can reach more people in less time. If you can not afford to upgrade your post to an advertisement, then I recommend joining multiple groups that entertain your consumer group and will allow you to promote your free posting on their pages. Once you join these groups, share your contact form to their pages bi-weekly. Please be advised that not all pages like this, so please respect the page admins wishes and do not abuse this.

Last, I contact the leads generated from the forms, in one week I personally will receive 50 leads just from this action alone. Most leads I will call, but some I will email due to the fact that I believe it will be more effective. This is not an easy trade to teach over a blog posting so if you would like to learn how I go about separating the call list from the email list, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be glad to help you.

Before contacting your prospect, be sure to know exactly what you are going to say and do not plan on selling them right then and there, scheduling a meeting, either in person or Skype. I do many business deals nationwide so I personally use Skype, but I will set up face to face meeting with consumers in my vicinity. This is extremely effective, and I will post another blog regarding this matter and why it is so effective, as well as another blog regarding cold calls, warm calls, cold emails and scripting, so stay tuned for those coming later this week.

Until next time.

Jacob Kelly


(407) 640 9616

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