3 Ways to Get More Attention with Your Social Media Posts


Social media is not used to sale people, you want to inform and interest. If you feel like you are being sold, you want to say no just because someone is trying to sale you. Make your post an interesting post, something someone will want to read; for example: "How I turned my college job of being a freelance marketer, into a $1 Million a year business". This not only sparks interest but it is informative and people are genuinely curious about how they can go about doing it too.

2. People want to feel like they relate and or fit in with other people, we always feel like we are struggling in life and just want to know that we can get through that particular struggle. When you write a post that is interesting, personal and relates to people, they see you overcoming the same obstacles they are currently facing, this will pull them in and then you will see yourself attracting a larger audience filled with people who need that issue resolved. For example, if you are selling cars, you could say "It's hard to forget your first car. I remember I had this 1979 Malibu station wagon that use to get horrible gas millage, 14 miles to the gallon, and it seemed to always end up on the side of the road every other month..." finish your story with how something always went wrong and how you were able to overcome it. If you have an older car on your lot, you can always use an example like "It's hard to forget your first car. I remember I had this 1979 Malibu station wagon, my nickname for her was Old Reliable because I could always rely on her, not just for transportation, but for great memories as well." Finish your story with a positive note, make your post bring back some great memories for the reader and you will have more viewers willing to contact you or come see your business. Now, with people who need what you are selling, you are receiving more interested consumers and have a higher chance of selling them your product or services.

3. Do not try to sale in your social media posts, this includes asking people to contact you or reach out to you. Sometimes it is difficult to refrain from using these statements, but if at all possible, try to use something along the lines of "Do you sometimes feel like you can relate?" or "If anyone has a similar issue, I would love to hear about it." also "If you found this interesting or informative and it was able to help you, please let me know and I will be happy to try and post more." Now, of course your post has to follow along with these statements, but you can create ones that correspond with your post directly. If you can not find another line to use, it is fine to use the usual "contact me" statement, just try to word it so it is not asking people to buy from you.

How to video's are a great way to connect with people, they are informative, interesting and attention grabbing. People want to be helped out of a situation, they just do not want to be sold a product without first knowing the person or company selling it or knowing that it can help them.

Using these tips will get more people interested in actually reading your posts and reaching out to you or asking you to contact them. After they reach out to you, then you can see what you can do to help them further, and then you can sale them your product. At this point people feel more comfortable with you and don't feel like they are being sold but more like they are being helped.

A great tip to remember is, put yourself in the consumers and viewers shoes, if you were a consumer in need of a product or service like yours and you stumbled across your post, would you contact the writer based off the content of that post? Also, get someone else to view your post and give feedback, the more people who view it and give their opinion, the more you will see if it is effective or not.

One last piece of advice... be creative with your post, people love authentically generated posts, something they have never seen before. The more creative you are, the more likely you will stand out.

Be sure to check back in for more helpful posts, the next one we post will be "How Many Times Should You Post to Social Media?" Another one coming soon will be "How to be More Creative in Your Posts".

Good luck with all the above information, I hope this will help you bring in more viewers and in turn more customers. If you would like more posts like this one, let me know, or if you want me to read your post before posting it, please send it to me and I will be happy to provide my feedback. Until next time, thank you for reading and good luck!

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