frequently asked questions

how will this help me?

Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems is designed to help you in various ways and helping you progress in multiple areas.

Each system, service and program is designed to help you receive more customers or clients and grow your awareness. Some programs and services are designed to do more than others, and some go into far detail in regards to what will increase attraction, positive perception, and consumer awareness.

The overall purpose is to grow your business by increasing how many customers and clients you obtain on a monthly basis. These programs will help you obtain more customers, build and maintain relationships, scale your business, and improve your image, or your money back.

See our "Services" page to see what programs we offer and to see how they can help you grow more successful.

in what areas will this help me progress?

Our company was created to be a one stop shop for all business needs associated with growth and progress in success.

Our 360 Marketing program is designed to cover all these needs, to help you increase your monthly consumer rate and increase your company's popularity.

Some of these areas you will see covered in our programs are website development and website design, over 30 marketing styles with various strategies for each one, social media marketing, business to business marketing, various types and styles of advertising, lead generation, sales training, communications, and much more.

Each program is designed to correspond with every industry, every business, every product, every service, and every brand out there. Each program has two levels, traditional marketing and advanced marketing, depending on the level of progression you are wanting and in the amount of time you need it.

To learn more about advanced marketing, 360 marketing, or our services and area coverage, please visit the regarding page by clicking the button below or by locating the page title in our menu bar at the top of this page.

what makes your marketing advanced?

Our marketing systems and programs are considered advanced because they use stronger methods and more effective strategies to obtain a more efficient result.

How this is accomplished is by using large amounts of analysis in every area and every aspect of those areas. We build knowledge to understand exactly what issues are, what resolutions are best, and what is the best strategy and course of action to proceed with in eradicating issues.

We also use advanced subject areas when focusing on objectives such as psychology, sociology, industry science, and factor in existing exponents that take effect on certain aspects of individuals, business, products, services and situations such as neuroscience, communications, imaging, perception, and much more. We use more advanced measures to prepare and counteract certain influences using our knowledge in neuro plasticity, anthropology, geography, societal patterns and many more.

These advancements in knowledge and understanding our clients, their industries, their businesses, their products and/or services, their consumer groups, and their consumer group's intentions allow for us to better prepare for the current situation you are in and it allows for us to properly evaluate circumstances to help develop a low risk solution that will provide a well established, ad effective, counterpart. We have such high confidence in our abilities and the results you will see that we guarantee efficient results or your money back.

To learn more about advanced marketing, in more specific detail, please visit our "Advanced Marketing" page or call us and talk to our advanced marketing specialist.

what is the difference between traditional marketing and advanced marketing?

The difference between these two marketing systems is the approach, strategies, procedures and advancents taken to produce results and the areas they are produced in.

Traditional marketing uses the same system for multiple businesses and industries while treating them the same, advanced marketing treats each business, industry, product and service different because they are. I do not want to market your technologies company the same way I would market a sex toy store because you have many differentiating factors including the consumer group.

Another difference is in traditional marketing you do not receive the same area coverage you do with advanced marketing. Advanced marketing covers all areas traditional does, but not vice-versa; for example, traditional marketing does not cover communications training and sales training or business development, and they do not cover advanced topics such as neuroscience, geographic locationing, or societal patterns and more.

Traditional marketing is great for building your company progression and attracting more customers or clients, we just wanted to take it a step further to provide more efficient results on a wider business scale.

To learn more about these two and their differences, please click on the buttons listed below or contact us and speak with our specialist and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

is advanced marketing or 360 marketing for me?

These programs and systems are for anyone who needs a larger scale of marketing done or for companies who want to grow at a quicker, more sustained rate. They do not produce results overnight, but they do provide results in a quicker manner than traditional marketing or marketing of a single subject area.

These systems and their programs are not for everyone, for example, if you are just wanting a website designed, simple social media marketing or an advertisement drafted up, you do not need these two services. You can use advanced marketing for these issues, but you will receive just as efficient results with traditional procedures.

However, if you are wanting to cover all these at the same time and on a larger scale, then these systems and programs would be for you, if you decided to take that route.

To learn more about the specifics of if they are right for you or not, please contact us and our specialist will be more than happy to discuss the benefits of these programs in correspondence with your situation, or the benefits of sticking with traditional marketing.

what is 360 marketing?

360 Marketing is a system of programs designed to cover all business proliferating needs in all progressive areas associated with, but not limited to, business growth and an increase in customers.

These programs were strategically evaluated and developed to provide the highest efficiency in results in regards to proliferating needs. Using analysis, advanced marketing, and over 30 advancements and marketing styles, 360 Marketing covers what you need covered and provides the solutions needed to help you grow, internally and externally.

To see all the programs and subject areas covered by 360 Marketing, please visit our "360 Marketing" page or contact us to see how it can benefit you and your company.

what types of marketing do you offer?

We offer almost every type of marketing there is, including some marketing types and strategies we developed to cover more areas in new ways that we found to be effective. With over 35 marketing types and styles, each one having multiple strategies and patterns, we have the tools and techniques to provide all types of marketing supply for your marketing demand.

Some marketing styles we provide are social media marketing, business to business marketing, inbound marketing, community marketing, event marketing, direct marketing, and many others including public relations, geographic marketing and more.


To learn about all of our marketing types and various strategies, please visit our "Services" page and see our "Over 30 Types of Marketing" section, or follow the link in the button below. 

what is your average success rate?

As of January 1st, 2020, our success rate has been 100%. We have not failed to deliver promising results to each one of our clients since opening in 2018, and we have not yet failed in delivering our clients to the finish line of their individual campaigns. Each client has completed a full campaign from start to finish with 100% satisfaction and we have not yet had one client terminate their campaign.

If for any reason there ever is a client that we are unable to help, we will be more than happy to provide a reliable resource of someone who can help or help find someone who can help in your their particular situation.

Taking all our clients into consideration, we have held a monthly customer growth rate of 61%, which is between double and triple the monthly clientele rate.

how long does it take to see results?

Result times depend on your industry, business, situation, brand, and the services you needed, but on average, our general advanced marketing and 360 marketing clients sees highly noticeable results in about 3 months. Some have seen results in the first month, others have seen results in 6 months, it all depends on your situation, circumstances and program type.

When establishing a campaign idea for you, we will sit down and analyze your situation and circumstances to provide you with a average length of time when you should see results based off what we had found. We also establish the length of the program campaign you would like or need, depending on that will tell us more about when you will start seeing results. If we are unable to provide you with the satisfying results you requested when starting, we will issue a refund so you do not have to worry about losing out and can rest easy knowing you do not have to take any risk in bettering your company.

how long is the process?

The process can be short and sweet, in a quick one month span, or it can be up to a year, depending on the program campaign length you chose, but it is all your choice.

Each campaign runs on a month to month basis with the ability to terminate at any time and the eligibility of a return of funds if not satisfied. There is no contracts that you must follow or commit to, and their is no requirements for any program, we work with flexible campaigns that bend to best match your schedule and your wishes.

Single programs and smaller campaigns last short periods of time while larger campaigns and multi-grouped programs take a little longer to complete, but either way, you will start seeing results at least half way through the program campaign completion.

For any other questions or to learn more about Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems, please contact us at 407-640-9616 and at or

If you would like to have a question added to this list, let us know and we will be happy to update our "FAQ" page for you and others with the same or similar question.