greatness is not given

it is strategized

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cause & effect

Creating an effective and memorable brand requires various information from multiple subject areas, but overall, your brand represents who you are and reflects the perception you wish into the consumers you target.

Finding your unique and attractive brand is why we are here. Our goal is to create you a brand that is the next McDonald's golden arches.

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

public perception

Your brands are going to reflect your company in a certain manor that can be either appealing or deflective, our job is to ensure each one of your brands portray a positive and pleasant experience that will help build on its' own.

We want your customers to conduct business with you and use your products or services, and when they are done say that your were business worthy, professional, respectful and extraordinaire. We will to build you a brand that appeals and attracts your specific consumer group in a way that makes them take a second look.

Perception is everything, and we want to ensure that your reflected perception is unique but appealing, strong and effective, while at the same time being unforgettable.

Creative Design

Having a well strategized plan with a positive perception is just the broad overlay of what a brand needs, but how you create that is with the small fundamental details that form a brand, like design.

We create you a unique brand that is designed to attract your consumer group, that means we analyze and study your industry, company, product and services, as well as your consumer group to better understand what is categorized as appealing and attractive. Once we have established this, we draft multiple designs for the brand we are creating, then run them through a trail run in our analytical software to determine which one portrays the most efficient results. After we determine which design is more effective, we begin the development of your brand based off correspondence to that design.

In turn, this ensures we create an effective and strategic brand for the element we are branding, weather it be products, services, your organization, or you in general.

company branding

logo development

With a great company comes a great logo, one that represents you and one that will separate you from industry competitors.

We use a distinct strategic approach when crafting your perfect logo; we use analytical software, consumer response, your brand design and creative design to develop you an unique and attractive logo that will stand as a reminder of your greatness, one that will tell people who you are.


We do not want you to have an ordinary or average logo, we want you to have an exciting, an advanced and a one of a kind logo that is special and definitive. Ordinary and average logos are for average and ordinary companies, you are not one of those companies, and if you are not great yet, you will be.

name development

You need an extraordinary name for your extraordinary logo and extraordinary company.

Having a company name is important, it is the first thing people see or hear in regards to who you are and what you do. A name that says Atlantian Designs does not say much, maybe that our company designs something, but what? However, Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems says we are a marketing agency that offers advanced marketing systems and provide marketing assistance, it sums up everything you need to know to get you through the door in just a few short seconds, and it is simple as well as unique and also contains a hidden message, but that part is not too important.

You do not want to have a name that is clever to you but leaves your consumer group confused, you want a name that tells who you are, what you do and what you can provide. Being unique, having a hidden message or implementing a clever twist will not be as effective as a simple and informative name if the consumer is confused by it or left asking "what does this company provide?"

That is why we will help you create, or re-envision, a brand new name that sparks interest, is unique and informative, and leaves your consumers intrigued and engaged.

Intentional Pathways by Design New Logo.

"paving the pathway to personal growth"

slogan development

It can be hard for a business owner to create a unique and engaging slogan for their company, so many companies already have such great ones it may seem impossible to develop a new and interesting one.

The thing is, it does not always have to be interesting, as long as it shines light on who you are, what you offer, and what you can deliver, than you are golden. Being unique and creative does help, but it is not demanded.

That is where we come in. Our team of specialists will help create and design a slogan campaign for your company that is unique, clever, relatable, informative and engaging, all while being short enough to fit into a single phrase.

It does not have to be difficult for you to obtain an extraordinary and effective organization brand, we will help you relieve that difficulty. (2).png

market branding

strategic niche development

A niche is an idea or subject area that focuses on one aspect or area of your company to promote. This is important because you want to be sure that you hit your target consumer, not someone who is uninterested in what you have to offer.

Our team does not just create a niche for you, we strategize the most effective niche that will deliver the highest quality results after analyzing which niche produces the best response. Then we develop a new niche that is separate from that one, and so on until our services are no longer required.

Do not waste time, money and effort trying to target the world, target your consumer group; you have a better chance of making a sale by targeting 10,000 people who are looking for your product or service than you do by targeting one million people who may or may not be looking for your products or services.

product branding

Branding a product is very similar to branding a company, you want it to reflect a positive and engaging perception toward your consumers.

Understanding how to brand something is one thing, successfully executing it to deliver efficient results is another. If the execution process is delayed or under goes an adjustment of the smallest increment, the results you receive could be very different from the results you need.


No one wants to waste time, money or resources on failed marketing attempts, that is why we are here, to help you brand your products so that they deliver guaranteed results of the highest quality.

service branding

Service branding is the same as product branding, the only difference is the layout of the strategy and the execution, but the results and ideology remain the same.

Instead of branding for a product that reflects based on various variables, we brand your services which reflect based on a different set of various variables. That is why they are categorized into two separate branding exercises.

When branding your services, we analyze the highest demands and develop a strategy campaign that corresponds with that demand. Using various types of tactics, we will ensure your services are seen, engaged and met with interest by your consumer groups, delivering you guaranteed results so you do not have to use trial and error.

event branding

Event branding is when you schedule an initial event for the public and want to draw crowds for whatever reason the event is set to represent.


Event branding can be vary powerful, depending on your industry and company demographics, as well as your products and services. This is because if you are in an industry where public image or community development is a key factor in your company role, then event branding will help boost your public image and interest consumer groups to participate in community developing procedures.

Event branding is still powerful regardless of your company or industry, it not only helps brand your event, but it helps increase your personal brand, company brand and public relations. All of these areas are important in a companies future because you need to be able to reflect positivity and understanding, if you reflect the opposite, then you will lose consumer trust and consumer business. For example; Michael Vick, what happened to his image when the public became aware of his dog fighting views? What happened is not up for debate, it does not matter what happened, the public now sees a celebrity who is allegedly okay with fixed dog fights, that is not the best image to have when trying to increase your public relation. I do not use this as an example to say what happened, I just use it to prove a point; once that particular news went viral, he lost a great amount of credibility and support from dog lovers.

This is what we prevent, and a great way to do so is by event branding. Engaging the public to take action in a strategically analyzed and developed event will help your image in every way, you just have to have a corresponding event that correlates well with your company, industry, product and/or services.

personal branding

Personal branding is where you create an idea or image in regards to yourself to either improve perception of yourself or company, or to increase sales by improving your image.

We want you to have an extraordinary name and image to match you company and products and/or services. How we do this is, we increase your public relations, your ideology and your personal concept to reflect an extraordinary image.

There are many ways to achieve this goal, but we use them all, starting with the strategies that registered highest on the analytical data for producing larger amounts or high quality results, then move down the list from most effective to least effective until your personal image and ideology is a remarkable masterpiece that your clients and consumers will love to engage with and find difficult to forget.

group branding

Group branding is when you need to brand a group of people, companies, products, or services.

We help create an idea or image that allows consumers to perceive the group as unique, amazing, engaging, time worthy and investment worthy. This in turn makes the group more attractive and appeals to the directed upon consumer group.

There are many reasons for needing a group branded, no matter what the group is, it can be transformed into a positive subject and receive a positive perception from consumers and producers a like.

The only downside is, group branding is not as effective as other branding tactics that focus on a single idea. This is because when focusing on multiple subject areas, items, people or resources, you are not targeting a single consumer group, this in turn widens the marketing scale and makes it more difficult to hit the desired upon target.

Detailed World 2 (Larger Version).png

geographic branding

Geographic branding is when you brand a specific location or area to improve its' perception or ideology.

This is a great tactic for companies in a new location or locations that are less community friendly. It can also be a great tactic to promote real estate, or real estate agencies, for sales, attracting investors, or to help improve another form of branding that is already in mid-campaign like company branding.


When using geographic branding, we do not just focus on the area or location itself, we focus on its surroundings and its ability to offer or produce. This in turn helps strengthen the campaign and strengthen the ideology of the site. 

strategic advancements

"Hope is not a strategy"

- Vince Lombardi


Our strategies we implement into these branding procedure are professionally structured and statistically analyzed before going into motion.

Each branding process has various strategies that can be used, but each one has one thing in common, they all stem form Atlantian Designs advanced marketing systems.

This allows for more analytical data to determine certain abilities of certain subject areas and more. It also allows for more strategic maneuvers to be implemented into individual campaigns because of the ideology behind advanced marketing.

"A Vision Without a Strategy Remains an Illusion"

- Lee Bolman


Circle 10 Stage Strategy Board 1.png




Our branding tactics stem from our advanced marketing strategies, we use various processes and procedures to help build your brand.

How we use our tactics and how we delegate them are based on multiple variables including your company, industry, consumer group, product or service and more. How we decide to use each specific tactic determines the strategy we are using, for example; we would not use a cold calling tactic to try and gather a group for a marketed event, but we would use community marketing tactics.

The same applies to branding a person, place or thing, we want to use strategically thought out tactics to implement into our executing process. This is why we use analyzation software and analyze results, patterns, supply and demand, to help us select the proper and most effective tactic to execute a specific operation in a campaign.

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