business to business marketing

Market, advertise and promote your company to other business who can benefit from your business, product, or services.

Business to Business Marketing turns other companies into consumers who either are looking for your products and/or services, or who will benefit from your business, products, or services. By doing this, you widen your consumer group exponentially, you can even quadruple, if not quintuple your sales by promoting to businesses as well.

Business to Business Marketing is not for every producer, but many producers reside in the category of business producers and do not even know it. Finding out how to market your companies products, services or business in general, so that business owners find you or your products and services appealing is an art all of its' own.

Our job is to help you brand, market, advertise and promote your business, products, and services so they attract companies of all scales, then turn them into the consumer and then into your customer.

marketing your company to attract other companies

Business is all about value exchange and marketing is all about promoting, attracting viewers and obtaining more customers. When marketing a single company to attract other companies, for a producer to consumer relationship, it is no different, you still need a value exchange and an attraction strategy. We have to alter the approach in certain areas to better fit companies of various scales, weather they are small companies or fortune 500 companies, but we can use the same overall strategies, just with altered tactics.

value exchange

A value exchange is where you offer a solution of a particular issue in exchange for something beneficial to you, in most cases it is a product or service in exchange for money.

With our B2B marketing program we will help ensure you have the most effective value to offer other businesses and promote that value in promotions, sales tactics and more.

We help spread the awareness of your value by first analyzing your product or service and its urgency as well as your consumer group. By understanding these aspects we will better understand what is the greatest value needed and in turn apply that value into your products and/or services, then build awareness.

attraction strategy

We use many strategies and tactics to help secure beneficial relationships between you and other businesses, one of those strategies we use is the strategy of attraction.

By adding value to your company, brand, products and/or services, we will also intertwine an attraction that brands you as a producer of solutions, not as a company or business. This in turn produces an attractive perception of you in your consumers eyes, including potential business relationships.

Our strategy uses various tactics to execute, one of which being branding and re-envisioning your company concept and company image. We want to show a side of you that corresponds with the demand of your products and/or services in such away it not only adds value, but produces a winning solution that is not based solely on "supply and demand" applications, but instead more of a desirable application.

client examples

printing companies

Paper is usually seen as a commodity, it is usually bought based on price. This is because there are many companies involved in the paper industry, many think of paper as being just that, paper. Our job is to grow attraction, not through competitive prices, but through value and problem solving. In our experience, price is rarely an issue when it comes to a producer and consumer relationship, any great and experienced salesman will tell you the same. People buy based on what they want, just like when it comes to buying a car, you do not need the $60,000 Mercedes Benz, a $10,000 Dodge will do the same thing, but you want the Mercedes, even though it cost more. The same goes for any industry, even paper, you just have to know how to provide wanted value.

Our clients in the paper industry, specifically the printing companies, each have a successful marketing campaign in progress to obtain the business of more business owners in larger company and industry environments. They are obtaining these other business owners as clients because the campaign we developed for them altered their value exchange and strategies from just individuals or small companies, to larger companies as well. Now each printing company has seen on average of a 20% sales increase from just large business owners alone.

How did we do this? By analyzing, studying and understanding what larger business owners were wanting from the printing and paper industry. Some companies wanted more options, some business owners wanted a higher quality of services, and other companies wanted a wide range of options that were not being provided already. All you have to do is understand what people want, and then provide them with the corresponding value.

information technology companies

(i.t. companies)

Owning an I.T. company can be very progressive, but there are many obstacles including having a large and extremely competitive market. Many I.T. company owners deal with individual business because it is hard to find companies that do not already have their own I.T. department. This is true, but for larger companies. It is difficult to find a large company that requires I.T. services because they usually have their own team of specialists on stand-by, but smaller companies rarely have such a team, they may have a go to I.T. guy, but that does not mean you do not provide more value to the company than their known I.T. specialist.

The Information Technology companies we have as clients held on average a 96% individual customer rate and a 4% business customer rate, this was because they targeted individuals through low marketing tactics and did not engage businesses, the businesses that contracted them reached out to them and each business was categorized as a small family owned business.

In order to change this, our clients had to switch up their approach, increase the awareness of their value and target more of their consumer group. After establishing a beneficial value and campaign strategy, our clients were able to obtain a customer rating of 79% individual customers and 21& business customers in 6 months.

Business to Business Marketing is for more than just obtaining a larger scale of customers or clients, it is about building and sustaining relationships with a larger consumer group. Your company does not just have to rely on individual consumers, there are various types of businesses out there demanding your products or services, our job is to connect you two.

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