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About Us

Atlantian Designs is a younger company, but with excellent growth margins. Our success is built from our creativity and understanding of various subject areas revolving around, or stemming from, marketing and business. We specialize in multiple business fields and subject areas, giving us the ability and capability to develop the worlds first and only "Advanced Marketing System". This system is generalized to the subject area of "marketing", but is much more than just for advertising and promotional offers, even though it can be used for this matter, it is a system that was developed to completely re-strategize a company's internal and external properties.

To read more about the advancements and the properties of our advanced marketing system, click the "Read More" button below.

Our Company

We are a younger company that is already making great headway in our own business and having excellent success with our clients. We have made vast strides in the development of marketing and advertising as well as in business and industry concept along with business ideology. We are taking marketing to a new level and beginning a new day of promotions that we want you to be apart of. Traditional marketing is great, but what if it were better? What if it could do more than just promote your company? What if it could build your company up to stand on its own as it capitalizes from its very own concept. That is what our advanced marketing system was designed to do, and it is the start of a new day for marketing agencies and business owners alike.

Because of the business industry, Atlantian Designs is considered to be a marketing agency, but that is an understatement for it is much more! Although great quality marketing is in fact our key objective, we are not a traditional marketing agency. Atlantian Designs was created to help businesses of all sizes and help improve any and all business issues, not just marketing. What makes us different, and more unique than others is, we dive deeper into the fundamental foundations of each individual company to find any and all route issues, then prepare a specific counter campaign to counteract the issues' influence on each company individually. These issues include any and all complications, weather they are marketing related or business related, but no matter what the issue is, we will resolve it, or find its resolution. 

When it comes to ensuring the resolution of a company's issues, no matter the industry, magnitude or situation,  we are well equipped and efficiently prepared to tackle any and all tasks at hand! When you chose to entrust us with the resurrection of your business growth and or performance, we will stop at nothing to ensure the problem is sufficiently rewritten into a positive influence upon you, your company, and your company associates, as well as consumers.

Our Mission

We are determined to usher in a new era of marketing that will help companies like you push past the boundaries of limitation and reach new heights of success. We want to help you past your current obstacles and help prepare you for any future obstacles that may come. Our mission is to build you up so that you can keep pushing onward and keep progressing forward, even after we have completed our responsibilities.

Our goal is to have you stand on your own, to only rely on yourselves and only use outside marketers when it is convenient for you. Our goal is to build your company up, internally, externally, physically and metaphorically, then have you capitalize off your own companies proceedings while you continue to progress forward and grow larger.

We understand that not every business owner and entrepreneur wants to grow their company to a fortune 500 status, so we do offer smaller scale marketing as well as traditional marketing. Our mission and goals are still similar to the larger scale, we still want you to progress forward and receive the attention you are seeking, we will just accomplish this on a smaller level, perhaps strictly to the districts of you vicinity.

Our Company Goals

Atlantian Designs is a small, family owned company with plans of being the biggest marketing agency in the United States. We are ushering in a new era of marketing that upgrades traditional marketing by a minimum of 130%, equivalent to 30% more results produced. By 2021, we plan to upgrade marketing by 160%, making it 60% more effective than now, and by 2022, we plan to upgrade marketing by a full 200%, doubling the results traditional marketing produces today. We are confident in this goal because of what our analytical data provides us with now. We already see results showing a 150% increase, a 170% increase, and even a 214% increase on some clients results. These are the same results we want to produce for you now, depending on your industry.

Our goal for 2020 was to quadruple our company mass, including clients, and we are proud to say we hit that mark in October 2019 when we quintupled our company mass, including clients.

Our Advanced Marketing System

Our advanced marketing system is made up various components, including traditional marketing methods and procedures as a basis, then we added over 30 additional advancements from various subject areas. The subject areas that went into developing this system stems from, but not limited to, anthropology, all 7 major areas of psychology (behavioral, cognitive, social, evolutionary, humanistic, psychodynamic and biological), industrial psychology, industrial science, sociology, business analysis, business development, statistical science, kinesology, neuro-placidity, conscious and subconscious interpretations, geography, consumer demographics, political science, industry sales, communication interpretations, perceptive imagery, graphic interpretation, alliteration perception, illustration analysis and more.

The main take away from all these advanced subject areas is, we studied the different industry behaviors, the different human behaviors, social patterns, the different business demographics and the different social perceptions to understand what causes a specific reaction, and how we can stabilize that reaction, or correspond that reaction, with a separate cause and effect demographic.

How this works is, we analyze the company industry to determine which particular consumer base is coalesces with that specific industry, then analyzing the company to determine where it currently resides in it's particular industry. In order to do this, we analyze multiple areas of your company and your industry to get a generalized reading of how your company has been behaving in correspondence with how it should be behaving, then we determine what needs to happen in order to get your company back on track and we draft out different strategically developed campaign routes to determine which route is best for you and your specific situation.

Once a campaign route is drafted, and all consensus' are met, we start using the gathered analytical data to draft and develop effective proceedings to efficiently execute in a strategized manner for proliferating results. Once we start executing each direct proceeding, we will start developing progress data that will confirm each proceeding's effect and inform us weather or not to advance or retract that particular execution.

To simplify all this in a single sentence, we come in and use our advanced marketing system to increase your progression and to deliver you effective results.

Our Success

Our success in helping business owners and entrepreneurs expand their companies have been unprecedented, as well as our success in our own companies growth. We have been able to help over 50 company industries across 20 states and 2 countries improve their customer base and monthly consumer rate as well as monthly sales rate. Each company we help is another satisfied client which in turn helps us grow as well. We can not succeed in progressing further without first helping you progress forward.

Our advanced marketing systems and 360 marketing platform have been amazing proliferating catalyst in our agenda to help companies and business owners progress. We designed these two programs to produce on a higher level than traditional business proliferating platforms and they have not disappointed. With over 500 successfully executed campaigns and over 30 different advancements, our systems have been more than just a trail run, they are the beginning of a re-evolutionary change in the marketing and business development industries.

If you want to take your company to the next level, grow your customer base, or increase your monthly sales rate and revenue, Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems is where you want to be.

To learn more about our proceedings and more about advanced marketing or 360 marketing, check out our pages regarding these two programs by following the buttons listed below.

about the owner

Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems is a family owned company with plans of being the biggest marketing agency in the United States. We are ushering in a new era of marketing that upgrades traditional marketing by a minimum of 30%. In 2016, the owner Jacob Kelly, started creating this idea for a more advanced marketing system that would trump all others. In 2018, he created Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems and started using his advanced marketing strategies and techniques to help his clients grow, as well as his own companies. He named the company Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems after "The Lost City of Atlantis" where the advanced race of ancient Atlantians resided. This was to compare the advanced status of these systems to how advanced this legendary civilization was. Legend has it that they were leaps and bounds ahead of their time in knowledge and technology, some say the technology we have now is because of their knowledge, but again, this is just a legend.

Jacob Kelly is an entrepreneur and business owner. He owns various businesses from contractor companies to business development firms and more. Marketing his own companies is what sparked the idea of creating a more advanced method of marketing. With his knowledge in psychology, sociology, kinesiology, business, statistics and more, he was able to piece together a link that many do not see, not because they are not looking, but because they do not look in terms of psychology or sociology and do not consider the factor nero-plasticity plays in the human mind. Most marketers approach marketing as a business objective, we approach marketing as a human objective. Business, marketing, advertising, and industry production is created, analyzed and viewed by the human mind, there for if it approached as a machine or business infrastructure, it will not be as progressive; if approached as a human being, you will see much clearer reasoning with much greater results.

Jacob Kelly did not just want to create a more effective way of marketing, he also wanted to create a place where business owners and entrepreneurs could come when needing any sort of business improvements, a one-stop-shop for success in business industries. This is where he came up with the 360 marketing program, to cover all your business proliferating needs in one location, without the need of hiring or associating with countless professionals in various areas. This way, you can receive all the assistance you need with the help of one place and many advancements, ensuring you receive the desired results.

For more information about us, our company and our advancements, or to see if Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems is right for you, view more of our content on our website, or contact us at 407-640-9616

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