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Advertisements are a great way to promote your company, your website, your products or services, and more. We here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems use a unique type of advertising, advanced advertising. It is similar to traditional advertisements, but instead of using traditional marketing styles or traditional strategies and tactics to develop these ads and promotions, we use our advanced marketing proceedings, which include strategic advancements and tactics.

These proceedings are advanced because of how well they preform from with the creative standpoint that the system was designed from. This stand point is simple, we analyze and study every aspect that comes along with the promotional advertisements including, your company, your products and services, your industry ideology, your company concept, brand recognition, online and social media presence, and your consumer group drive as well as supply and demand.

We also advertise in a highly strategic manor, amplifying your results by a minimum of 30%. These strategies we use correspond with your company, brand, and industry ideology as well as your business concept and consumer drive. These strategies include tactics that correlate with large scale performances on a national, and even global level.

Our goal is to increase your company progression past the bounds and limitations of success; to skyrocket past your competitors and turn your company into a well known, and well established, industry leader.

geographical advertising

Your advertising target location can fall under three main categories; locally, nationally, or internationally. There are various sub-categories that stem from each one of these main categories, but your desired on target location falls into one of these categories.

local advertising

Advertise your company, products and services in your general area.

This advertising scale is great for new companies, small companies, and companies located in larger cities. This type of advertising is meant for promoting your company name to help build consumer awareness of who you are, what you offer and what you can provide. It is also designed to drive more foot traffic through your door and increase awareness on your products, services, company concept and brand.

Local advertising is ideal for companies that provide a localized products or services such as; restaurants, stores, about body repair shops, car lots and dealerships, gas stations, contractors, pet boarding facilities, veterinarian hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, etc. Many of these industries, and more like them, can produce a larger geographic advertising scale to attract out of state business, but majority of our clients in this industry prefer localized consumers.

The sub-categories of geographic advertising that stem from localized advertising are as followed; neighborhood advertising (your neighborhood area), city advertising (your city area), county and multi-county advertising (your county or multiple surrounding counties), state advertising (your state), and tri-state advertising (mainly applies for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area but may also apply to your surrounding states as well).

national advertising

Advertise your company, products and/or services, and more, to your nation.

National advertising is great for any producer who has a product or service available to consumers across the country, like online or deliverable sales. When you have a product or service that is not bound by geographic limitations, you should take advantage of that and market to every one in your consumer group as far as you can, this usually stops at national for small to medium scale companies.

Why this is a good strategy to use is because you are available to market and advertise to a larger consumer group population as a whole, rather than being limited to a localized group, increasing your odds for mass production and increase sales. Notice I said a larger consumer group, not everyone. This is because trying to advertise to everyone at once is like trying to hunt an animal in the dark without night vision and only using one bullet to shoot in a random direction hoping to hit your target; what are the odds you hit and claim that animal? Very slim, just like trying to advertise to anyone and everyone.

When nationally advertising, we analyze the national area and locate all areas that harbor your corresponding consumer group. Our analytical procedures will identify areas with larger masses of your consumer group, as well as areas with smaller consumer groups. We start with the larger areas first and work our way down the list until we have successfully advertised to every possible corresponding consumer group that we were able to locate.

If you have ever considered marketing and advertising on a national level, then it is probably a good idea to do so, as long as you know what you are doing, or have a professional doing it for you.

The sub-categories affiliated with this main category are as followed; multi-state area (as many states as you wish, or the main group of states, or areas, with the highest concentrated mass of consumers stationed in your industry's consumer group), regional area (states located in your regional area of north, east, south, or west), or national coverage (all states in the country).

international advertising

Advertise your company, brand, products and services to multiple countries, or to the world.

International marketing is as it sounds, advertising your product and services to multiple countries at once, or to your whole group of consumers in the world. This is great for companies who are larger and have products and/or services not restrained by geographic restrictions and who are able to provide value to consumer groups over seas.

Obviously conducting business over seas is a long and complex process; you have to know and understand foreign country laws based around your products and services, you have to respect these foreign country polices regarding any business activity on foreign soil, the language translation, and more, plus it cost more to ship to or from foreign countries. These are the negatives that come along with over seas sales, but they are worth it if your company falls under the category for high demand of your products or services in foreign countries.

When advertising in foreign countries, we first analyze your specific situation and ensure they correspond correctly and legally with foreign government policies and laws, then we develop strategies and tactics to ensure we can over come any obstacles like language displacement and translation while still increasing your consumer base. Once everything is confirmed, authorized and ready to under go execution, we start our process of campaign development. We start by analyzing the consumer group population over seas, as well as in our nation, to find all associated consumers who categorize as your consumers. After locating and analyzing strategies and tactics, we treat the issue as we would nationally, just with a few minor differences. We start working down the list from areas containing larger populations of your targeted consumer group, to the smallest, until we have successfully completed our mission, or run out of potential consumers. Then we initiate mass consumer procedures that were developed in the development stages of the campaign, and ensure you receive these consumers in some way or form; either as customers, or to place in your pipeline.

If your company falls under the category of being able to conduct business over seas and nationally, both successfully and productively, then it is a great game change and a great way to grow your business at incredible rates.

advertising systems

Your advertising target location can fall under three main categories; locally, nationally, or internationally. There are various sub-categories that stem from each one of these main categories, but your desired on target location falls into one of these categories.

social media advertising

Advertise on social media with paid advertising, page or profile postings and more.

Pomoting your company, brand, product or services on social media is a great way to attract various types of customers, which is great for every business owner, weather you have a specific type of consumer groups, or a variety of consumer groups.

Social media is a great place to advertise because you post unlimited postings or advertisements, each one targeting a specific consumer with a specific offer. This is great and effective because it delivers quick and high quality results.

Learn more about social media advertising on our "Social Media Marketing" page.

media advertising

Advertise using media services, including; television, radio, YouTube (also with social media marketing), newspapers, magazines, billboards, and more.

Media advertising is great for any company looking to attract more customers. We create video advertisements, audio advertisements, imagery and readable content advertisements, plus more.

Each advertisement is strategically developed to drive the best results for your specific situation. We start by analyzing your company, industry, consumer groups, products, and services. Once we have established this information, we start running statistical analysis for these same subject areas to determine when, what, where, why and how to advertise for your particular situation. Then we develop a campaign of strategies and tactics which include estimated analytical results, this shows us how each procedure will most likely preform in certain areas harboring your specific consumer groups. After all is drafted, analyzed and ready to start driving results, we begin the execution process while closely monitoring each action on a hourly basis, to ensure everything is working as expected, and to keep you updated with the progress of your company and campaign.

Give us a call to see which media servers and services correspond the best with your company, industry, products or services, and your consumer group.

search engine advertising

Advertise your website, products, and services on multiple search engine servers.

This is great to drive large groups of traffic to your website, or we can set up a "call" button to drive more traffic to call you when they see your advertisement show up from their search results.

How this works is, we first set up a directory of strategic search words and phrases so consumers searching for similar services or products will be able to locate you. Next, we analyze your company, industry, consumer groups, products and/or services to determine what is the best strategic approach and what tactics are best included into this strategy. Then we carefully and strategically develop a campaign custom to you unique situation and begin executing procedures in a strategic and organized manor. This process is conducted across many search engine serves to provide driven results from multiple directions, in turn, delivering that many more results in just as quick manor as one would.

While your advertisement is driving traffic to your company website and/or office phone, we will be monitoring its' progression status on a hourly basis to ensure progress is efficient and the ad, or ads, are working effectively.

To learn more about search engine advertisements, view our page "S.E.O. & S.E.M." by clicking on the button below.

direct advertising

Direct advertising is when you directly advertise your products and/or service directly to the customer. This could include email marketing, specific types of media marketing such as using billboards to target your target audience, promotional advertisements which include various tactics such as using flyers, business cards, books, etc. and much more.

This type of advertising is great for all companies of all industries and sizes. It delivers a small to medium scale of results depending on your industry, company, products or services, consumer group and geographic advertising scale.

How this works is, we analyze all aspects of your company such as your industry, your company in general, your products and/or services, your consumer group and your location. Then we analyze the best possible areas to deliver these promotional procedures so that you receive the highest quality of results. Once all this is established, we start developing and executing your unique and custom campaign.

While your advertisements are circulating through the population, we will be monitoring and analyzing progression on a daily basis to keep track of your progression rate, to ensure the ads are working in correspondence and effectively, and to keep you updated on your customer progression rates.

to learn more about advertising or to see how well advertising will work for you, give us a call or email us at 407-640-9616 or

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