Advanced Marketing

Take your company to the next level with advanced marketing.

Traditional marketing is the only option companies have had for various business proliferating needs, until now, and even though successful, it has only been able to cover certain amounts of progression and can only provide so much, but where it fails to provide, advanced marketing picks up. Producing larger amounts of progress with more efficient results that last longer and impact deeper, while also covering larger areas of business and increasing societal expectations, this is where the future of marketing begins.

There is a unique system here for you and your company, we do not use the same identical system twice. Each system is comprised of an advanced multi-platform base that was designed to be interchangeable, then layered with another advanced platform depending on your industry, then lastly layered with your own unique system that is developed to match your company perfectly. The base remains the same, it is the overall structure of which your system will be built from, your industry layer will be uniquely structured to correspond with your company industry, then we will draft a personalized system that provides multi-area coverage that best corresponds with your needs, which will depend on what you are needing and various other variables. We may use similar proceedings from other systems established, that were generated for similar purposes, then alter them to match your situation perfectly, but your system will be written from your own unique signature and will be one of a kind. Even though your system is uniquely fitting for you, it will still have the same efficient results as other clients, the results generated do not change, just a few methods, strategies and approaches changes to provide you with more efficient results that will work best for you.

Fueling Your Business

what is advanced marketing?

Marketing is in every aspect of business, not just the promotional side of it, so our system was designed to cover all business areas and all business needs, the areas you still need help with that traditional marketing agencies do not cover. For example, communication; there are two different types of communication in the business world, communication between producer and consumer, and communication in the work space. Each one of these have various categories which stem from them, but these two are the main communication types. For producer and consumer communications, we help you learn better communication skills to help you sound more professional, to help you close deals, to help your knowledge base and to help you understand how to interpret incoming communication as well as non-verbal communications. For inner work space communications, we help you better communicate with employees, bosses, and other staff as well as help you communicate proceedings, issues and discrepancies that may otherwise harm a working relationship.

Advanced marketing is also what it sounds like, it is strategically advanced and a newer age of marketing skills. We do not just promote your company based off what we know about marketing, we promote your company based off what we know about your industry, your consumer, industry science, society psychology, social patterns, marketing proceedings, statistical analysis, and much more. This allows for better results because we do not just understand the best means of promotion, we understand what is needed from you to appeal in your consumers lives and vice-versa, as well as understanding the science of your industry, the science of strategy, structuring, and the various processes that stem from building more than just promotional content.

how does it differ from traditional marketing?

With traditional marketing, you can expect promotional value and good advertisements, with some agencies you can find amazing advertisements, but promotional efforts are all you receive. In a company, you face daily issues that can not always be solved with promotions or advertisements, sometimes you need other solutions, like a knowledgeable adversary or need to improve your selling skills. Instead of having to locate another professional, or another company for help, we provide support in those reas as well as all other areas of business too.

Traditional marketing focuses on five main concepts; societal concept, marketing concept, selling concept, production concept and product concept. Societal concept focuses on how the customer can benefit from your product now and later, marketing concept focuses on delivering customer satisfaction based on their target group, selling concept focuses on large scale selling to sale more products or services, production concept focuses on available products or services that are affordable, and product concept focuses on the quality of the product.

The issue I see with these concepts are that they refer to the company and their products or services too much in regards to how great they are and better than their competitors and not focusing on the consumer wants or needs along with their well being. You want to help your industry consumers, you do not want to convince them it is good, you want them to realize on their own you are worth investing in. Have you ever been sold something? When the person is up-talking the product, the service and the company, how did you feel? When you get a cold call, how do you respond? Our system takes a different approach to this, we focus on helping the consumer, building your public image, and arranging your situation into a positive so your industry consumer will want to invest into you and your company's products or services.

Advanced marketing systems use traditional marketing as a base concept, as far as advertising and promotional efforts, but we build off it as well. We introduced newly devised strategies and concepts to correspond with the various types of industries in the business world and we use various types of methods to replicate and produce sufficient results. Using traditional marketing as a base, we were able to stem over 30 advancements from it, just on the marketing and advertising side, to get better results, higher results, and to produce on larger scales.

If you want advanced results, you have to advance in your strategies and approach. You can sale your product and services to people and hold on average a 25% sales rate, or you can improve your company and your public image, produce strategic advertisements that draw in your industry consumer and all of which grows an interest in your consumers so they choose to invest in you. Instead of you trying to convince them you are worth it, they already believe you are before they call or visit.

base platform

The base platform is constructed of traditional marketing with a twist. It uses traditional marketing as a guide of structure and understanding with altered strategies and proceedings intertwined, as well as stemming from the core concept of growth.

The base concept is a constant in each system developed and is the first layer of three. This layer of the system is designed to grow from, not just the system itself, but to help guide strategies, other added concepts and other proceedings in terms of business progression.

The base platform is what we stem from when drafting your personalized system. Depending on your industry will determine how we construct your next advancement platform, the industry platform.

industry platform

The industry platform consists of two stages and is both a constant concept and a varietal concept at the same time. The first stage is a generalized industry stage, and the second is a specific industry stage. The generalized industry stage is for your overall industry description, and the specificity stage is for your specific situation in your personal industry.

These are developed to cover businesses and proceedings that reside in a certain industry. For example, the contracting industry and the health care industry; each of these industries have their own advancement platform which will go into it's designated system. If your company's industry is health care, then your second advancement platform will be the generalized health care platform.

company platform

The company platform is unique and fitted to correspond with your direct company and company concept perfectly. If you have a current situation similar to other systems drafted, we can tranfer certain strategies, methods and proceedings over from those systems and then alter them to better fit your situation. If you currently have an unexplored situation or a more severe situation than previous systems, we will draft a newly complete company platform from scratch, one that is best suited for your company concept and can counteract, or improve, your current situation. 

This advancement platform is designed to serve your specific needs and help your business grow in a diverse way that is unique from your competitors.

step-by-step proceedings

What makes our marketing systems advanced is the strategies and the proceedings associated with the system itself. Our strategies and proceedings start with the consulting process first; we consult with you, and your company if necessary, regarding where you are at now, where you want to be, and what we can do to get you there. This process will be associated with asking questions regarding your company history, sales history, customer history, current issues, surfacing issues, etc. This gives us a starting point to understand you and your company as well as your wants and needs.

Next, we start the analyzing process. This process is constructed of two main categories, Competitive Analysis's and Business Analysis's. Each of these categories are the base of various other categories which stem from each one. Categories that you will see in these proceedings associate with; sales, employees, marketing, concept, image, public relations, etc. We will analyze any and all categories that will allow us to better understand your company path as if we watched it step by step, this provides us with the underlying issues that are on the surface, as well as deeper issues buried that allow other issues to stem from them. This also allows us to understand your competitors and where they stand in comparison to you, which in turn will reveal any minor problematic occurrences when compared to the business analysis data collected.

The next stage will be to construct a beneficial and effective solution which can be portrayed in a campaign stature for strategic executing purposes. We draft solutions for each individual issue discovered from the analysis process, which these solutions cover any and all issues found, including issues that are not associated with typical marketing practices. Each solution is carefully drafted and analyzed after conducting a strategic synopsis on the issues at hand, we will construct on average of three main solutions to effectively counteract each issues's influence on your company. Next, we will analyze the estimated result patterns to calculate weather or not to keep all three solutions, keep the single best of the three, or keep the most promising two solutions; this depends on the severity of the issues as well as how promising the results are for each solution.

You will maintain final say over any actions taken to correct these issues, so after we have successfully developed your system and constructed an effective campaign solution, we will consult with you one more time before executing the initial proceedings. If you are thrilled with the system and the campaign, we start the execution process; if you are not thrilled and are concerned about a single solution, the campaign or the system itself, we will explain in detail why it is important and how it is beneficial, if you still are concerned afterwards then we will redraft the area in which your concerns were regarding and continue to do so until you are thrilled with the outcome.

Understanding where you are at in the progression stage is crucial, so we will update you either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with analytical data collected from the results of the executed campaign and each of the individual solutions. This keeps you updated on how you are doing, and it also allows you to watch your company grow, step by step, as well as understand how it is occurring. If you are ever unsatisfied with the results you are receiving, you may close your campaign at any point in the process, there are no contracts or expectations of you continuing on to a certain date.

how does it work?

Our advanced systems are constructed of various subject areas that allow us to provide both consumer beneficial and producer beneficial results. These subject areas include, but are not limited to, anthropology, the seven main categories of psychology, social science, industry and business science, analytical science, statistical analysis, pattern recognition, etc. These subject areas have given us a large scale picture of how to effectively produce beneficial results for both producers and consumers.

We use our knowledge in social science, anthropology and various other subject areas, to produce advertisements that are both informative and appealing. The strategies we use when drafting the advertisements will attract consumers who are looking for your products and services, who will benefit from them, and who will be interested in them. 

We use our knowledge of industry and business science, as well as other subject areas, to understand your business, to understand your consumer, and to understand the positives and negatives of your products and/or services. This allows us to develop more effective campaigns with more efficient solutions to help progress your company forward.

Combining all the subject areas have produced an insight to the consumer and producer worlds that are not like anything ever seen. It is like constructing a puzzle, with the pieces separated, the image is unclear, but when assembled correctly, the image is as it were developed then cut into pieces, just like the puzzle was created.

is it right for me?

Although the advanced marketing system can be used with any and all industries, it is not for everyone. Many companies are doing great in most aspects and only lacking in a few like advertising, attracting more customers, etc. Companies like this do not need the full advanced marketing program, they just need traditional marketing proceedings, maybe with minor additional advancements.

When it comes to a company that is progressing well and only has a few short comings like the ones mentioned above, we provide single services like traditional marketing, web design, advertising, etc. If it is needed, we will also add minor advancements, which we also provide in single services. If the company owner wishes to try and grow their company quicker or wants to try a more efficient way, then we will still offer the full advancements, as long as we believe they will benefit you. If we believe that our proceedings will not help your business progress any further, or any faster, then we will discuss traditional methods to execute.

If you are unsure about your current standing and would like to know for sure if advanced marketing will help you progress, then we do offer analyses that will determine your standing and will provide analytical data showing the estimated results and benefits of applying our advancements with your company. If the results register higher in the data, then it is very beneficial; if they register lower in the data, then traditional proceedings are more effective for your situation.

subject areas which advanced marketing is comprised of

  • Psychology

         -Sociology and Social Science

         -Cross-Culture Psychology

         -Behavioral Science

         -Cognitive Psychology

         -Perceptual Psychology

         -Humanistic Psychology

         -Evolutionary Psychology

         -Industrial Psychology

  • Anthropology

  • Social Patterns

  • Neuroscience

  • Communications

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Kinesiology

  • Ethical Behavior

  • Psychoacoustics

  • Emotional Response

  • Developmental Reasoning

  • Response Interpretation

  • Brand Communications

  • Industrial Science

  • Business Science

  • Sales Science

  • Political Science

  • Geography

  • Geographic Cultural Studies

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Suggestive Imagery

  • Semantics

  • Ethnocentrism

  • Cultural Diffusion

  • Societal Marketing Evaluation

  • Statistics and Statistical Analysis

  • Logical Studies and Principles

  • Logical Response

  • Imagery Response

  • Response Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Concept Imagery and Arts

  • Marketing

  • Analytics and Analysis


and more.

The Success of Advanced Marketing

In the past two years, since our advanced systems have gone public, we have introduced advanced marketing to 20 states and helped progress 52 different business industries. Each client progresses in various ways, but the common denominator for all clients have been an improvement in client growth, an increase in sales per month, business growth, an improved public image and public relations, as well as a larger networking system. 

Advanced marketing is not just to help your company progress forward, it can also help you grow and help your employees, or staff, grow as well. Multiple clients have increased their sales rate from an average of 20% to an average of 50%, other clients have tripled, and even quadrupled, in size. A few clients have wanted to expand their entrepreneurial skills and expand their companies into sister companies, and others have wanted to create new businesses all together, and were able to do so with the help of our system and company.

Very few companies are perfect, 95% of all businesses in the world struggle with medium to large problems, even larger companies like Amazon, or Walgreens, struggle with issues. There will always be room for improvement, no matter how great your company is progressing, the key is to not think you are invulnerable to failure and keep pushing to reach new strides in success.

Weather you are wanting to use advanced marketing, traditional marketing, or no help from an outside source; keep striving to progress forward, no matter what industry you are in. Greatness comes from being great, not being average.

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