Hello and welcome to Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems! My name is Jacob Kelly, owner and C.E.O. of Atlantian Designs. I created this company to stand for all small business' in the local Orlando Florida, to help any business owner who needed the assistance. I understand that business can be a difficult encounter, I had to learn that the hard way, but it does not have to so difficult. One of the reasons I pushed so had to get this company up and running was for the simple fact that I did not want other entrepreneurs going through what I did and many others like me as well. Not only does these difficulties hurt you and your finances, but they hurt your mental state as well as everyone around you too. If I can help stop this process by offering assistance in more areas rather than just marketing, I will. 

I offer all the services that I do like, sales and closing training, or communications training because marketing is not always the issue. Many times business owners believe the issue is something simple and on the surface like marketing or web design, but the issue turned out to be something implanted much deeper near the core. Every service I offer is to ensure the true issues are unveiled and corrected.

This system that I have developed was created from so much more than just marketing strategies and advertising tactics, it was created using more advanced methods such as kenestics, sub-conscious psychology, neuro-plasticity, business analysis, communications, imagery, alliteration, illustration analysis, etc. When this new system of marketing was developed I was astonished by its results and the power of its concept, it completely revolutionized the way I view business and marketing, this is why I call it a rarely advanced system.


Atlantian Designs is not like any ordinary marketing agency, this is why I wanted to call the company "Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems" instead of "Marketing Agency". A marketing agency is who you call when you need simple websites built or a few advertisements posted and promote your company to a few more prospects hoping they like your products and services, We are who you call when you need more than just a simple website built, you need an attention grabber built that will attract the attention of quadruple the normal prospects as well as people who would never have taken a second look. We are who you call when the marketing agency was not able to produce at the level they promised or your marketing agency is not able to produce on the level you need in general. 

Atlantian Designs is the next step up from general marketing services or business consulting service, it is the new generation of business promoting. No matter what your issue is, we can help you resolve it. We are not just marketers, designers or business specialist, but we are problem solvers for all aspects of business. Call today for your free consultation and talk to me directly, I will be honored to help you resolve any issues you may have and help you find the best program for your specific situation. Let's get your business to where you want it to be!

Meet Our Staff!


Jacob Kelly


Jacob is the C.E.O. of Atlantian Designs and ensures that everything runs accordingly. With his 10 years of business development and business management skills, combined with his 11 years marketing experience, his 8 years web development experience, and his 7 years of data analysis expertise, plus more, he has built Atlantian Designs into what it is today as well as multiple other businesses such as; Tidac Industries, Entrepreneurs Only,

C & C Auto Magic, Marions Collision, SEI Delivery, and many more.

Leann Stone

Marketing Director

Leann is the Marketing Director here at Atlantian Designs, she ensures that every customer has their names and businesses showing up across the world! She also ensures that every marketing campaign is unique and undeniable! With her 9 years of marketing and her 4 years of psychology, combined with her 6 years of statistical analysis & evaluation, plus more, she has not disappointed! With over 1,200 confirmed campaigns and over 30,000 ads, she has been unstoppable at dominating the competition!

James Cawel

Chief Designer

James is the Chief Designer here at Tidac Industries. His soul purpose with the company is to ensure that every website and company brand/logo are beautiful beyond compare! His 13 years of designing websites and drafting up company logos, combined with his 6 years of geographic experience and 4 years of psychology experience, has put him in the front of his respected profession! With over 600 site developed and designed as well as 86 apps developed, he has earned his respected title as Chief Designer! 


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