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Traditional marketing is very efficient and has an extremely high success rate, but it is not at its' max potential. Our system is based around traditional marketing and still uses all the same strategies and techniques, we just added to it for more efficient results. We started with traditional marketing methods, then we started adding more strategical techniques and more complex methods to start forming the system we use today. A few examples of what we added were; statistical science, kensiology, behavioral science, social science, conscious and sub-conscious psychology, neuro-plasticity, industrial science, industrial psychology, business analysis, sales and sales analysis, communications and interpretations, imagery, alliteration, illustration analysis and many more. We combined over 30 complex fields of study with traditional marketing methods in order to create this one system, a more reliable and more efficient solution to resolving any and all business issues.

These additional fields allow for a greater result in a quicker manner while resolving any other discrepancies found. Because of this system, we are no longer just marketers but we are problem solvers. It is a common belief that if a company wants to grow past a certain point, or a company is not as successful as its' competitors, you just need to increase your marketing results to a more promising outcome, this is not true. While yes, you can do this for some situations, but not every situation has the same resolution. If there is an issue laying beneath the surface that is not due to a marketing issue, and you try to resolve it with a marketing solution, you will not receive the results you are intending to see. If there is an issue below the surface that is related to an ill advised marketing strategy, you must locate and target that specific strategy to correct it, if not, you will receive a lesser result than intended. This is what we do for you and your company, we do not just market and promote your business, we analyze, locate and target specific issues and resolve them with the proper resolution needed for the most promising results. 

Imagine your company as a yacht, these issues as giant anchors and your marketing solutions as your power supply; if you try to increase your speed by adding additional power without raising each of the anchors, you will continue to receive resistance, no matter how much power you put in. You must raise the anchors to release the resistance; more power is not always the best course of action when resolving unseen or complex complications.

About the Owner

My name is Jacob Kelly, I am the owner and creator of Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems. I am an entrepreneur whose goal is to succeed in every aspect of the word and help other entrepreneurs and business owners do the same. I have spent my whole life learning and studying the fundamental foundations of many fields of study, business and marketing being two of them. I have obtained a great amount of knowledge in various aspects including both of these, and I feel as if I am fairly fortunate and extremely lucky to have the intelligence, the resources, the time and the motivation to obtain this knowledge. I know many others are not allowed such luxuries as this and have to work harder at achieving their goals based on what they know, this is why I created Atlantian Designs and developed this advanced system of marketing, to help others less fortunate than myself and who are denied such provisions or who face great oppositions. 

I have opened many businesses over the years, but this one is by far the one I am most proud of. I have opened various businesses in many different industries, but the ones that I have created to help other entrepreneurs and other companies is the most rewarding and gratifying of them all.


During my quest to obtain the necessary knowledge for success in business and marketing, I had discovered the rudimentary requirements to developing this new system of marketing. For years I promoted my own companies as well as client companies and every time I began a new campaign I discovered a new way of marketing. I had spent years studying and researching the necessary knowledge to develop this system, and in 2018 I had finally complete it, and Atlantian Designs was born! I have observed many different marketing agencies and analyzed their methods of marketing and realized that everyone uses the same methods and strategies. I thought to myself, what would it take to receive a more promising result from marketing? What would be needed to create a system that is one of a kind and can produce on levels greater than traditional marketing? Answering these questions lead me to the knowledge required to successfully equip this new system with the appropriate means for success.

Atlantian Designs

Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems was created on the 7th of October in 2018. Because of the business industry, Atlantian Designs is considered to be a marketing agency, but that is an understatement for it is much more! Although great quality marketing is in fact our key objective, we are not a traditional marketing agency. Atlantian Designs was created to help businesses of all sizes and help improve any and all business issues, not just marketing. We dive deeper into the fundamental foundations of each company to find any and all route issues, then prepare a specific counter campaign to counteract the issues' influence on each company individually. These issues include any and all complications, anywhere from frail advertisements to sales performance and communicative tactics, or from promotional procedures to production rate and successfully scaling a business, with everything in between. 

When it comes to ensuring the resolution of a company's issues, no matter the industry, magnitude or situation,  we are well equipped and efficiently prepared to tackle any and all tasks at hand! When you chose to entrust us with the resurrection of your business growth and or performance, we will stop at nothing to ensure the problem is sufficiently rewritten into a positive influence, and if for any reason we can not see a well advised plan to efficiently eradicate your specific issues, we will ensure that you find the help you need from someone who can.

Marketing is fundamental factor in the business world, it is the only way to successfully scale your company and ensure your business efficiently thrives. Marketing is a key concept in business, but in order for it to produce on a promising level, you need the appropriate knowledge to successfully execute it. Anyone can advertise or promote a product and service, but only a knowledgeable marketer can ensure it is done correctly and ensure it will pour in the desired results without trial and error. Marketing is very complex; professionals spend years learning and studying how to efficiently manipulate marketable patterns in their favor to have a high percentage of success. You have to understand what marketing strategies to use as well as when and where to use them and in what situations, you must know when to switch strategies, how to create imagery ads, video ads and audio ads, then you need to know what to put in these ads to ensure they are receiving the intended on attention. There is a great deal more to know and do in order to increase business but these are just a few examples from the advertising stage of a marketing campaign, which consists on average of 10+ stages. It is a complex process but it does not have to be that way.  Our job is to reduce the stress of this process through our advanced marketing services! Instead of you worrying about increasing business, we will take the stress of the responsibility and ensure it is done correctly, efficiently, quickly, and ensure your goal is accomplished by the end of the campaign.


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