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360 marketing is a program designed to cover all your business needs, all the way from marketing to business development with everything in between. Our 360 marketing program was created as a one-stop-shop for business owners where they could receive all their proliferating needs in one place without the need of finding multiple companies and outside sources to successful scale their business.

With our 360 marketing program you will receive coverage in all areas including advanced marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing, S.E.O. & S.E.M., branding, web design, sales, communications, lead generation, business analysis, competitive analysis, analytic data, company scaling, strategy development, and more.

No matter what company you own, what industry you reside in, the size of your company or your products and services, 360 marketing can help take you and your company to the next level of success.

See some of the 360 marketing coverages and descriptions below.


Our marketing services alone include over 35 types of marketing with various marketing styles and strategies. Each marketing type is devised of different marketing styles, strategies and tactics to fit your business industry so that each eligible type of marketing can produce effective solutions and deliver efficient results for your specific situation.

These marketing types vary from your traditional Inbound Marketing and Business to Business Marketing, to the more advanced categories such as Cause Marketing and Community Marketing. Each one is designed to help your company progress in some form, weather it be increasing your monthly consumer intake, growing your company to larger scales, or improving your perceptive image to the public, each one helps you progress forward towards the ultimate goal of success.

Our 360 marketing program consists of both traditional marketing procedures and advanced marketing procedures. This is because not every aspect of your business or situation may call for advanced proceedings, they may just require traditional measures, so in that case we would use traditional marketing procedures opposed to only using the advanced ones.

See some examples below of marketing strategies used in certain situations like increasing your sales rate or obtaining more customers on a monthly basis.

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Get More Customers

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Increase Sales

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Improve Your Public Image


Helping you open up more time for your busy schedule by managing your company responsibilities. We help manage whatever you are needing help with, starting with your promotional essentials like website management, SEO and SEM management, and either partially or completely managing your social media accounts. Then we offer more business intuitive managing options such as; managing your promotional strategies, your procedural strategies, sales strategies and sales training, communications training, business structuring and business management, and much more. The business intuitive managing options come more into play when trying to improve your company interior or your company growth for both internal and external purposes.

Our mission is to help you improve in any and all ways possible, including outside of the marketing and promotional areas. Our goal is to help you grow past the average limitations and thrive past the threshold of success. In order to accomplish this mission, we have to completely commit to building your company up, internally and externally, inside the marketing industry and inside your own personal industry, if you choose to do so.

No matter what industry you professionalize in, or no matter where your company is currently at, we will help get you to where you want to be. That is what our 360 marketing program was developed for, so you can have a one-stop-shop for success. Take a look at some of the examples below to better understand what our promotional management is as well as our business intuitive management .

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Social Media Management

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Promotional Management

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advanced analysis

Analyses allow for us to see data from the past, present, and predict the future. It can tell us what has happened, and why, as well as what will happen, or can happen, and how. For example, R.O.I's (Return On Investment's); when conducting business in various industries, it is common to hear someone ask about their R.O.I. or you ask them about your R.O.I, this is a calculated estimate of what your future investment will resemble based off certain analyses. These analyses can open a wide range of perception for multiple areas, that is why we decided to implement them into our daily proceedings and evaluate every cornerstone of our strategies, your business, your business proceedings, your industry and competitors, your consumer groups, your products and services, and many more areas as well.

When we receive a new client we conduct multiple analyses on their company and their competitors to better understand more about each one and to better understand where they are in comparison to others in the same industry. These two analyses are called a Business Analysis and a Competitive Analysis, they provide various types of information regarding each company's past, present and future. They also inform us about various topics including; sales, marketing, staff, public image, proceedings, etc. Analyzing each of these topics will provide us feedback on issues that are currently creating a negative outcome on your company, as well as issues that have not yet surfaced but may. By finding these issues, we can determine the best course of action to effectively eradicate them and turn them into a positive before any more surface, and we can resolve any issues that have not yet surfaced, saving you from a unnecessary issue. These analyses also allow for us to understand each individual issue and trace it back to its core; just because an issue is causing a negative impact on your company, or on your desired results, doesn't mean that the issue will go away by a simple fix if it is stemming from a more complex and underlying issue.

Many business owners have found an issue in their company and took certain precautions to try and resolve it, but the issue either would resurface after a certain amount of time, or the solution would not effectively resolve the problem. This is because their surfaced problems were stemming from a root issue and the root issue was causing multiple smaller issues. Analyzing the company will allow us to find the root issue and effectively remove it, in turn resolving all other issues linked to it, which not only saves your company time, money and energy, but also allows you a piece of mind knowing the issues will not return.

See some examples below of common analyses we perform on a frequent basis. 

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Business Analysis

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Four Box Square Icon (Competitive Analys

Competitive Analysis

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Strategic Analysis

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Statistical Analysis



Branding is an important aspect of a company's relationship with the public, it also separates you from other companies by being a representation of who you are and providing your consumer group with an unique symbol that tells them who you are. Your image tells a great deal about who you are and what you stand for. If that image projects a negative response in your industry consumers, then you will be pushing those customers towards your competitors.

Branding falls on other aspects of your company as well, your image is key, but your products and/or services ideology carries a large amount of weight also. The idea of your products or services have to resonate with the consumer, the higher that resonance, the better your success. There has to be some sort of supply and demand need, but there also needs to be a drive behind that need, other than the demand itself. Each industry has a concept drive like this, each product or service have drives like these, you just need to understand it and apply it to your company.

Our job is to find the specific drive needed to increase the resonating frequency in your consumer group, then apply it to your company brand as well as your products' and services' ideology. We analyze your company, your industry, and your products or services to determine what these drives are, then we analyze various areas of your industry and your consumer group to help us develop a unique and effective brand for you.

Everything associated with your image is considered your brand, this includes your name, your logo, your slogan or tagline, how society views you, and even your customers have an impact on this. We restructure your brand to better fit your company and your industry as a whole, something that appeals to your consumers in a positive and attractive manner. If you do not have a brand, we will create it for you, including a gimmick and ideology. Our goal is to give you a one of a kind brand that stands out and makes viewers take a second look.


Your company concept is a big factor that comes into play when dealing with customers, if you stand for progression and positive standards, you will receive the same in turn from your consumers.

We help you improve your business concept so that you can appeal to the majority of people in your industries consumer group and grab an advantage over your competitors.

How we do this is we either create a new concept, or we deliver an existing one with restructured advantages such as ideology, approach, demand, etc.

By creating a new concept, or restructuring a current one, to increase progression results, you will be able to stand out in a unique way and attract more customers in this area.


The design of an area tells a lot about a company, for instance, your website; if your website is poorly developed and not very informative or user friendly, no one is going to want to do business with you because your website does not provide a professional vibe, meaning you are most likely not a professional or successful company.

Our job is to make your designs attractive and appealing to your consumers. When a consumer pulls up your website, or drives by your company and see's your logo, we want them to stop and look again. By ensuring your designs are well developed and strategically designed ensures you will be more attractive to customers and give off a professional and respective vibe.

Any design you need, we will develop it; websites, logos, images, advertisements, content, etc.


Improve your monthly sales rate both online and in person. Our 360 marketing program will help you improve your sales rate and help ensure each individual on your sales team is selling the best they can. We achieve this through means of training, analysis, coaching, consulting and more. We help you increase your sales rate by helping you increase specific aspects that go into successfully obtaining a sale. These aspects include lead generation, lead transfers, filling your pipeline, cold calling, email marketing, communications and more. See more about sales and sales training on our sales page.


Communication is key when selling to a consumer. Our 360 marketing program helps you secure more sales and increase your sales rate. One way we help do this is by helping you improve communications. We train you on how to communicate with prospects, customers, businesses and more as well as help you interpret communications from these same groups. Communications is more than just sales though, we also help you with communications in your company including with employees, associates and superiors. See more about communications training on our training page.


Receive more leads from various sources such as social media, search engines and more. Our 360 marketing program helps you get more leads as well as teaches you how to obtain more so you can continue to grow after we have completed our proceedings. We help you obtain leads by using strategic postings, advertisements, search engines, and more, after we analyze your consumer group to better understand who they are and what they have in common in regards to wanting your products and/or services.


Our 360 marketing program helps build, grow and spread your awareness in various categories including social media, search engines, brand, concept, and much more. By improving and increasing awareness, you will be able to obtain more leads, more views, more likes, more sales and more. See more about awareness on our "brand" page.


Our consulting program allows for you receive help in all categories associated with our 360 marketing program. If you need help with business approaches, sales tactics, coaching, promotional ideas or more, you can count on us to help you resolve any issues and prepare you for the next step. Consulting can be used for any of the areas covered on this page, and it can cover any areas outside this page as well including business, management, understanding, and more. We also use consulting to help prepare you for our proceedings. We consult with you in regards of business, marketing, sales and other aspects that affect you company. For example; marketing, we consult with you about what we develop and execute as well as how we approach campaign or tactic executions so we can ensure all steps are completed in a smooth and beneficial manor.


Included in our 360 marketing program is our planning program. This is where we help you plan various proceedings such as promotional ideas; for example, who, what, when, where, why and how to approach a promotional offer and promotional idea as well as the strategies, statistics and tactics behind the idea. We help you plan for anything covered in the 360 marketing program as well as anything else regarding your business, such as management, business, and more.


Our strategics program is designed to help you develop, approach, and execute strategies for various areas and ideas, as well as train you to use our strategies and teach you of new ones developed that have a high beneficial rate. These strategies can be for various aspects and areas of business such as promotions, business to business conductions, scaling ideas and approaches, and much more.

Each area of business comes with a variety of strategies you can use to achieve the goal at hand, this program allows for us to analyze each strategy to know which one is most effective for your particular circumstances.

To learn more about the analysis involved in our strategics program, please click on the button listed below.


One program included with the 360 marketing is our growth program. Our growth program helps you scale your company to the size you wish. Our goal here is to grow your business in size, popularity, integration, production, awareness, advancements and more.

Business growth is more than just scaling and becoming a larger company, you want to grow your company mentally, physically, inside and out, grow with your employees and staff, with your associates, partners, customers and clients, and in every other way possible. Scaling your business in all these areas can be fraustrating and difficult, that is why we are here to help ease that pain and to help ensure you reach the desired success you want.

We here at Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing will help you grow into the company you dreamt of when you first started your business. We are here to take you to the next level!

No matter what company you own, what industry you are in, or where you currently are in your business, we will help you transform into your desired destination.


Business development is a huge part of a successful business. You do not want to stay in one spot, you want to grow and expand in all areas. Many people think it is harder to have a big company, the truth is that it is easier. This is because you no longer have to be the over seeing eye that delegates every move, you can have other people do it for you so you can spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones doing what you love to do.

Our business development program is for more than just improving developments and growth, it is also for helping business owners and entrepreneurs create businesses, start other companies or their first company; it is to help you in areas that you are less familiar with.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs only know about what they specialize in, which is great and is a key category you need for business, but you need a total of three types of people for one business; the specialist, the idealist, and the business person. Each one of these people will ensure your business is a success and stays that way. Our job is to help you acquire these people, or teach you to be all three.