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training programs

Increase your success by increasing your knowledge. Learn how to use marketing or advanced marketing to your benefit. Learn how to establish and execute a successful S.E.O. and create strategic search phrases, learn how to use social media platforms to produce the most effective results. Take a sales training course and learn how to sale more efficiently and close sales more effectively. See how our communication courses can help you communicate with consumers, other producers and businesses, as well as with your employees, staff and associates. These programs do not only help you progress in business, but they allow you to progress as human beings.

Our training programs teach you to use all of our services and more so you will no longer need to rely on third party assistance to progress your company forward or overcome obstacles in your way. See how these training programs can help you.




Set up a sales training program for you and/or your sales team and learn the art and science behind sales and all associated areas that contribute to a successful sale. Learn how to persuade in a healthy and positive manner so you can help contribute to your consumers while benefiting yourself.

Learn how to sale and close sales like a master, and teach your sales team too. Learn all the tricks and strategic processes it takes to sale, close and attract.




Set up a communications training program for you, your sales team, your staff, and/or your associates. Learn the art and science behind communication and learn how to strategize communication to better help you with corresponding areas.

Learn the art and science of communications to help improve relationships, sales rates and business progress. Start communicating successfully.




Learn how to market using traditional marketing and advanced marketing, or have your marketing team trained to progress to the next stage of marketing. Learn what makes strategic marketing effective and learn how to use it to better benefit you and your company.

Learn to market, promote, advertise, brand and more with traditional marketing or advanced marketing strategies, tactics and procedures.

Learn more about our training programs and see if any are right for you.

Not Just Another Marketing Agency

We are not just another marketing agency, we are a new generation of marketing and marketers, we are problem solvers.


Our advanced marketing systems and 360 marketing program are truly one of a kind. Our advanced marketing program is the first ever developed that did not consist of traditional marketing procedures and it is the first to provide another group of effective solutions for various issues in every corner of business.

Our 360 marketing program is the only 360 program that provides full business coverage such as managing your websites, social media accounts, promotional strategies, business development and business management, and much more. It is also the only 360 program consisting of advanced marketing procedures such as advanced analysis to deliver daily, weekly or monthly analytical data of your current progress and real time ROI so you can remain updated on your companies progression on a consistent basis.


Helping You Progress Where it Counts


Unlocking doors and providing new possibilities.


Represent your business industry in a noticeable and unique way.


Build and

mend your image through public relations.


Building reliable and effective strategies for both marketing and business.


Professional advertisements with professional results.


Building up new networks and establishing lasting


Why Us?

We are not like other marketing firms, we do not just promote your company and get you more customers, we build your company up, externally and internally, for you to capitalize on now, and to keep capitalizing on long after we have completed our proceedings.

We help you develop independent stability so you only have to rely on yourself and your company for efficient results, not marketers for the rest of your business career.

Our Advancements in Marketing

Our company proudly introduces a new generation of marketing, one developed to take all companies, big and small, to new heights. Using our advanced system of marketing, comprised of multiple subject areas, advancements and disciplines, we intend to era in a new age of promotional integration.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are not just a marketing agency, we are not just promoters, designers and business specialists, we are much more than that. We are problem solvers, someone who is there for you and all your proliferating needs. 

Our one of a kind marketing programs, strategies, techniques and proceedings that use over 30 different advancements as a retrieve, are designed to help you progress forward in all aspects of business including an increase in customers, awareness and scaling.

Our advancements allow us to see and understand a wider range of aspects associated with what you need in regards to progression. For example; our multiple program analyses allow us to anticipate a consumers drive and intent before promoting to that consumer which helps increase the viewing rate and awareness of the promotion as well as allowing an increase in sales rates and company perception.

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Our Advancements in Anthropology

When it comes to marketing products, services and companies, it is crucial that you know who you are marketing to and what those consumers desire, as well as what drives them, how they evolve, and more. We have taken marketing to a whole new level by not only learning the consumer population, but by understanding them as well. The more you know and understand your consumer, who they are, where they come from both mentally and physically, the higher your chances will be to actually reach them in a way that your competitors could only dream of. 

Our Advancements in Strategy

Strategy is a fundamental factor in all aspects of business, and marketing is no different. We have developed advanced strategies for all areas of all industries, including yours. Each one strategically analyzed and drafted to produce quality results on mass levels from targeted locations, targeted audience, and targeted circumstances.


Our Advancements in Creative Design

Advanced marketing requires advanced creativity and advanced designs to balance the scales and produce effective results. Some of the most genius creativeness and some of the most exquisite designs are drafted in our design room. Everything from website designs to advertisements, and from strategic quotes to company branding, we have your unique designs ready to develop and promote to the world.

Our Company

We are a younger company that is already making great headway in our own business and having excellent success with our clients. We have made vast strides in the development of marketing and advertising as well as in business and industry concept along with business ideology and business development. We are taking marketing to a whole new level and beginning a new day of promotions that we want you to be apart of. Traditional marketing is great, but what if it were better? What if it could do more than just promote your company? What if it could build your company up to stand on its own as it capitalizes from its very own concept. That is what our advanced marketing system was designed to do, and it is the start of a new day for marketing agencies and business owners alike.

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Our Mission

for you

We are determined to usher in a new era of marketing that will help companies like you push past the boundaries of limitation and reach new heights of success. We want to help you past your current obstacles and help prepare you for any future obstacles that may come. Our mission is to build you up so that you can keep pushing onward and keep progressing forward, even after we have completed our responsibilities.

for us

Our mission is to grow Atlantian Designs Advanced Marketing Systems to amazing heights and become one of the worlds largest marketing agencies and one of the industries leading experts in marketing and business growth. We want to era in this new marketing style so that one day there will be many marketing agencies using this very system we created here, and possibly become the new go to marketing preference.

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b2b marketing


public relations

Drive Traffic Atlantian Designs 10-11-19

what you can expect

I quadrupled my monthly customer intake!

Get More Leads

My social media presence increased by 600%.

Long Lasting Results

I no longer have to manage my 6 social media accounts.

Amazing Website Designs

I received a newly updated website that keeps delivering.

My company now has a new concept that is more publicly popular.

Build and Improve on Your Public Relations

Show Up in More Web Searches

I had my company re-branded to better fit my industry.

Strategically Developed Advertisements

I get a minimum of 6 different types of unique ads each week.

Over 30 Different Marketing Methods

I appeared in 1,072 searches this week and made 4 sales from them.

Receive Strong Performing

SEO's and SEM

I was able to set up 10 meetings this month because of this sales training program.

Appear on the First Page of

Google and Bing

I am now seeing a 30% increase in search results just from the search phrase analysis.

Scale Your Company and Reach New Heights

My marketing department is going crazy over these ad designs, they absolutely love em'.

Interactive Advertisements

I am finally on the first page of google! Ranking #4 on there and ranking #9 on the 2nd page of Bing. 

Video and Audio Advertisements

Appeal to a Wider Range of Consumers on a Larger Scale

See how we can help improve your monthly customer intake by upgrading your social media presence and managing 6+ of your social media accounts.

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Did you know that car wrapping is the fastest growing advertising platform since 2016? It is a great way to attract a wide range of viewers across the nation and you do not need to stop at cars, you can wrap any motor vehicle you like or have other people wrap their vehicles and advertise for you!


With a new era of marketing comes a new way of advertising. We provide over 10 effective advertising methods including your traditional video and audio advertisements, along with newly devised strategies to entice your audience with a unique approach.


ask about a new website design

Your website is your first line for representation of who you are. When someone hears about you, they look up your company website, when they find you in a search engine directory, they view your website. Just as your website is your first representation, it is also your competitors, and the consumer will decide who they choose based off weather or not your website represents a professional and trust worthy company as well as a capable and respectable one.

Get a new website that perfectly matches your company concept and intertwines uniquely with your brand. We not only develop and design your website but we manage it for you as well, we update your content weekly, including pictures, videos, informative postings, blogs, etc. We provide analytical data weekly, and we manage your website disclaimers as well, keeping them updated and legally accurate to keep you and your company protected at all times. 


You have the potential to be seen and heard by the world, you just need to unlock your potential, and we have the key. Take your company to the next level and become as big as you want.

We will not only help you grow your network, but we will allow you to use ours as well. Have a range of networks that you can grow as big as you like; locally, nationally, or globally, the choice is yours.

Marketing is More Than Just Creative Advertising, it is having the proper knowledge of both consumers and producers in all aspects of business.

More Than Just Advertising

Marketing is more than just advertising and promoting, you have to know how to promote a certain product or service so that people will want to see more of it, and then you need to have creativity so you can uniquely promote that product or service so that it coincides with the company in a direct and influential way. In order to do this, you must understand the company concept, the product or service, the consumer and the producing industry, as well as marketing, sales, and more. If you want to reach more people and increase your sales rate to a higher percentage, you must know how to promote to society, you must understand what a certain person needs to see in order to want to do business with you. This is just promoting a single product or service for a single company, this is about 1% of what marketing is, that is why we are here, to help you grow.

Give us a call to see if we are the right fit for you.

To learn more about our company, read more about us on the About Us page or see more about our services and we have to offer by hovering over the Services panel in the menu bar and select which category you would like to know more about.

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